Pain Management with the Healing Powers of Natural Essential Oils

Pain Management with the Healing Powers of Natural Essential Oils

It is quite common in the USA for people suffering from any kind of chronic pain or muscular pain to depend on over-the-counter drugs such as Ibuprofen. Some of you may even turn to prescription medicines to manage your pain. Next time, when there is a need for ibuprofen, consider trying a far more invigorating way of managing pain. Use essential oils for effective management of all kinds of pain whether chronic or transient pain.

Essential oils are natural oils without any chemical additives and they help in providing almost instantaneous pain relief to several chronic pain patients thanks to their unique capacity to penetrate cells effectively and quickly. They provide oxygen and boost blood circulation to the affected and inflamed joints. Essential oils certainly possess pain-fighting powers but you must consult your doctor before commencing treatment with essential oils as you need to understand fully ways of using it appropriately. Here are some of the pain-combating powers of essential oils.

In the Effective Management of Chronic Pain                                                       

Chronic pain could really be frustrating and debilitating. This could at times lead to emotional distress and mental agony, impacting adversely the healing process. If the pain persists even beyond a month or more, it necessitates medical intervention. Seek advice from an experienced and fully qualified medical professional. However, you could try out a number of pain-relieving essential oils that eliminate not only the uneasiness related to chronic pain but also the stress and anxiety.

Peppermint is known to calm your senses and soothes your mind. It provides anti-inflammatory benefits and is very effective in gall bladder issues and providing pain relief. Basil has anti-inflammatory properties that help to energize you and uplift your mood. Basil is an excellent decongestant and muscle relaxant. Wintergreen enhances attentiveness. It is pretty effective in relieving pain mostly in nerve pain, neck pain, carpel tunnel and herniated disk pain.  Cloves help by offering pain relief in cases of rheumatism and arthritis. Lavender also has anti-inflammatory benefits that help in relaxing and balancing your body. Sandalwood offers great relaxation and other antidepressant benefits.

Muscle Pain

It is a pretty common phenomenon to experience muscle pain and aches that tend to go away in just a few days. Muscular pains, strains, and sprains are pretty common and are often associated with sports injuries and overstress. Muscle pain usually becomes a major issue when it goes on lingering for a much longer period of time especially when it affects your back and neck.

A whopping 80 percent of Americans are sure to experience some sort of a back pain sometime in their lifetime. Muscle pain is certainly one of the most common causes for visiting a doctor and seeking clinical advice. Muscle pain may include shooting, stabbing or aching pain accompanied by limited or stiff flexibility. If you are suffering from muscle pain, you could consider trying effective essential oils that would be alleviating the discomfort and pain to a great extent.

You could consider using effective muscle release oil. It is a rapid action formula that usually contains a magical blend of pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory essential oils, herbal oils, and many nourishing emollients. Known for their wonderful healing properties, these super-active natural constituents make a great difference to your condition.

Roman Chamomile is effective in relieving anxiety and stress. It offers detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and relaxant benefits. Marjoram is effective in alleviating muscular cramps, aches, and pains. Rosemary is pretty useful in getting rid of muscle soreness and in keeping your mind alert and active. Thyme is pretty effective in alleviating rheumatism pains and combating fatigue. Vetiver is really effective in alleviating muscle fatigue and joint stiffness.

Joint Pain

Many factors contribute to unbearable bone or joint pain. Joint pain may be triggered by injury, aging or some sort of a trauma. It is pretty common in middle-aged or more aged people as once you start getting older, your body would be transforming itself and undergoing changes such as a dip in bone density. Though body and joint pain would be requiring clinical attention and medical assistance, you should not undermine the importance and role of essential oils in pain management. Helichrysum is known to offer nerve-regenerating and anti-inflammatory benefits. Idaho Balsam Fir is great for easing sore muscles, tendons, joints, and back pain. Spruce is highly effective in soothing rheumatism, arthritis, back pain, bone pain, and sciatica. Palo Santo is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits.


Essential oils are not just known for providing pleasant, awakening and intoxicating aromas, they help to combat pain by easing anxiety and stress and also, by reducing inflammation. Never forget or underestimate the healing powers of essential oils.

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    The overall article is good and informative. As most of people are unaware of the use and effects of essential oils, so this article is of great use to them and also for my grandparents which face the problem of muscles pain. Thank you so much for sharing this article.

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    Many of our elders are suffering from joint pain.The essential oils are key solution for them.As it is consumes natural resources which is very important for our body.My grandpa always goes with essential oil when its about body pain.this article are very useful for them who are unaware of benefits of essential oils.