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A refreshing and rejuvenating holiday in the calm tranquil of well designed and equipped spas is one that most people who wish to move out of the daily pressures of city life, are looking for. There are a number of spas and resorts today that have been built exclusively to provide the luxury and comfort to the traveler. With water treatments and other kinds of curative treatments that not only aim at providing cures for specific ailments but also provide a relaxing calming effect have been in demand these days. The travel industry too has taken up this area of speciality travel and provides a number of customized packages for different segments and interest groups. There surely cannot be a better way to rejuvenate and relax while you are on a vacation. With the demands of modern travel growing wider by the day, the use of traditional techniques of relaxation and rejuvenating have indeed, come to be very popular. The spas with their scenic locations and state of the art facilities make every moment a truly memorable one.

Site Listings
  • Ananda Spa : Located in the Himalayas, lifestyle destination offering spa holidays, vacation packages along with yoga and ayurveda.

  • Aqua Terre : Located in the central Island community of Parksville, British Columbia, Canada, offering a variety of treatments for both men and women.

  • Lorrens Health Hydro : Designed exclusively for women, offering peaceful spa break in Devon.

  • Canyon Ranch : Locations in Massachusetts, Arizona and Florida, offering fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle programs.

  • Whistler Spa : Located in Whistler, British Columbia, offering a variety of holistic treatments, facials, hand and foot treatments, massages and acupuncture services.

  • Golden Palms Hotel : Luxurious spa and 5 star deluxe hotel in Bangalore, providing wide range of spa packages, hotel tariffs, services and much more.

  • : Luxury spa resorts in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire and Hampshire, offering daily fitness and relaxation classes, sleek gyms with all the latest equipment and swimming pool.

  • Kiora : Offering advanced treatments of real aesthetic value in safe and luxurious environments in Melbourne's finest Spas.

  • Spa London : Located within Tower Hamlet's historic York Hall, offering the ultimate day spa packages at an affordable price.

  • Aqua Sculpture Spa : Offering a wide selection of therapeutic and rejuvenating face and body care treatments for both women and men in a relaxing environment.

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