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With businesses growing and companies aiming at carving a niche for themselves at the international level, corporate travel has come to assume great importance. Every company aiming at growing its operations to other countries of the world may not be in a position to have staff positioned at all locations and thus corporate travel agents come into play. Corporate speciality travel companies or agents ensure that every area of business travel is taken care of. From arranging meetings, exhibitions, to taking care of transportation and other needs, it is a complete business solution that the companies involved in the field of corporate travel have come to offer. This has proved to be a win-win situation for both the business as well as the travel company. With growing needs of business houses there are more and more travel companies that are entering the field of corporate speciality travel.

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  • ABT Travel : Discounts and savings service for business travelers on hotels in New York and China including last minute hotel deals, restaurants and many other benefits.

  • Fit for Business : Business center hotels with outstanding facilities such as hotel gym, lap pool, tennis, boxing, kickboxing, rock climbing, basketball, aerobics, pilates, spa and other fitness facilities.

  • : Since 1976, premier independent travel agency specialized in comprehensive corporate travel solutions.

  • CTMS Travel : Corporate and business travel management agency providing travel services to a wide spectrum of companies worldwide.

  • Wayte Travel : Travel agency providing wide range of comprehensive and independent travel advice, services and most up-to-date information.

  • It’s The Way To Travel : Offering complete corporate travel services from business and economy flights, holidays, car rental to travel insurance and hotel reservations.

  • TSE World : New York-based company specialized in working with corporations to provide sports travel packages, event hospitality and marketing programs.

  • FBTC : Providing business and travel related information for members, by combining a traditional level of service and hotel, car hire reservations with online internet access and personalised service.

  • : Private company in Northern California, providing corporate, concierge, vacation and group travel management services.

  • : Largest travel management company delivering a standard of corporate travel service and innovative technology worldwide.

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