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The Republic of South Africa as the name suggests is located in the southern part of the continent of Africa. It is spread over an area of 1,219,912 sq kms. It enjoys a temperate type of climate. A parliamentary republic it is divided into 9 different provinces. The President is Head of State as well as the Head of Government. There are 11 different languages that are given the status of being the official language. These are Swazi, Afrikaans, English, Tsonga, Ndebele, Zulu, Northern Sotho, Tswana, Sotho, Xhosa and Venda. Rand is the official currency here. Christianity is the predominant religion with approximately 79.7% of the people being Christians.

Site Listings
  • BazBus : Source to find information on tickets to different destinations, time tables, tourist spots, discounts and bookings.

  • Magic Bus : Offers scheduled transfers to all major airports.

  • Blue World : Social community platform where people can join and create a profile and invite friends online.

  • Crime Out Loud : Community based website, invites public to express their experiences with crime in South Africa.

  • Dating4Seniors : Provides a safe, secure, easy to use environment for seniors to meet local singles looking for companionship.

  • Eber Vet CVC : Veterinary association community promotes primary healthcare in poor communities.

  • South African Entertainment : Latest and hottest entertainment resource for film, music, games and local events.

  • Cape Spirit : Online travel guide to Cape Town. Includes information on car rentals, accommodations, hotels, guesthouses and more.

  • Cape Venues : Offering wide selection of accommodation options to choose from holiday and business travel in Cape town.

  • SA Venues : Assisting travellers in travel arrangements such as hotels, accommodation, safaris and tour to South Africa.

  • SAN Parks : Providing wildlife tourism to destinations throughout South Africa.

  • South North Tourism Route : Guides local and foreign visitors to different destinations in the country.

  • Uncover South Africa : Featuring booking services, as well as guides with information on activities, accommodation, tours, entertainment and local attractions.

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