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The dictionary is an important guide to any language. It is a collection of words of any particular language and also specifies the different meanings of the word, the pronunciation and other details. The words in a dictionary are listed alphabetically making the search for it quick and easy. The best way to look up words of a particular language it is a comprehensive guide to words. The online world has added the dictionary feature to make it all so convenient to the web users. With just a mouse click all details are available. In addition to language dictionaries there are also dictionaries that pertain to a particular subject like science dictionaries. The varied types of dictionary software now make it so very easy for the user to make a quick search and gather details regarding any word and its usage.

Site Listings
  • Mnemonic Dictionary : Provides fun and easy way to build vocabulary using pictures, visual, etymology, usage, word games and more.

  • Free Dictionary : Online english dictionary, offering wide range of english definitions, synonyms, pronunciation, spellings and much more.

  • Polish Dictionary : Online english polish dictionary contains thousands of words, phrases and expressions.

  • Virtual Dictionary : Online english dictionary displays word meanings and definitions of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

  • Online Medical Dictionary : Online medical dictionary for definitions of terminology, pharmaceutical drugs, health conditions, specialty terms, medical abbreviations and much more.

  • LDOCE Online : Information source for learners of all ages and levels who want to learn more about english definition, idioms, examples and much more.

  • Merriam Webster : Searchable dictionary and thesaurus and many other English language and vocabulary reference tools and resources.

  • Dictionary.net : Online english dictionary, offers a database of word and phrase definitions from different sources.

  • Your Dictionary : Online dictionary offering definition search from Webster dictionary for word meanings and thesaurus.

  • Voycabulary.com : Online web dictionary and thesaurus linking reference tool, transforms words into links to definition and word lookups in dictionaries.

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