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Reference refers to the use of a focal point to substantiate your recordings. References may be in the form of symbols, written text, pictures or objects. It is used extensively in writings and the educational field to source information and also to indicate from where the information has been sourced. Case studies and academic writings always indicate references from where the material has been sourced and the specifics like the author, the date, title of the book and other details. Bibliographies and footnotes indicate the references for the particular study. A proper record of the references ensures that you are organized and can look up any matter at any point of time. In case of academic writings it is important that the author mentions the references and the style of writing adopted decides where the references would be mentioned and how. References are what make a work complete and validates the effort of an author in terms of content, accuracy and credibility.

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Tidy Forms

Online source to download thousands of well-organized free forms, templates, charts and spreadsheets which are easy to edit and print. Includes excel, PDF, Word, and other formats of templates for business, education, legal, finance, life, and miscellaneous use.

Loyal Review

Provides detailed guidance to use a wide range of popular online services. Reviews most popular online stores and provides a step-by-step guide to use with comprehensive information.

  • AnswerTabs : Q&A site that helps people to get the best answers on questions by sharing of knowledge.

  • Howpen : A comprehensive online guidance provider that offers up-to-date directions on different types of online service, like finance, wireless, employment and other services closely related to the online activities.

  • Convert Center : Offering wide range of online conversions tools between different units of measurement for money, data storage, temperature, time and variety of other measurements.

  • Text Book Revolution : Student-run site dedicated to increase the use of educational materials by teachers and professors.

  • Reference USA : Offering a full service platform of business and residential information for reference and research.

  • : Provides clear and accurate information on articles related to health, education, travel, finance, arts and much more online.

  • : Family friendly website that indexes and reviews quality, credible and current web-based reference resources.

  • Area Code Lookup : A program assisting to find zip code, city, state and area code.

  • Speech Topics Help : Provides free speech topics lists with more than 10,000 persuasive and informative speech topics and tutorials for all types of high school and college public speaking assignments. Includes speech ideas, speech writing tips, how to guides and more.

  • WebUtopia - Useful Information : Actively developing information and reference portal on concepts that an ordinary man faces every day. Aims to recount about complex concepts in a simple and accessible way. Features interesting and actual information.

  • Sayings N Quotes : A Largest collection of sayings and quotes. Includes quotes on various topics like love, sad, wise, funny, sarcastic, sorry, birthday, friendship, inspirational, soccer and more.

  • : Offering an extensive online reference on encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, web directory, articles and more.

  • All Things William : Offering an unique collection of quotes based on the name William in its various forms and offered in the spirit of sharing and celebration.

  • The Guidance : Provides detail information & tutorials related to online services, entertainment, rewards, auto, and customer survey instructions in easy way.

  • Inspirational Quotes - : Thousands of powerful, life changing inspirational quotes on topics including life, success and more. Includes inspirational quotes from Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Michael Jordan, Anne Frank, plus hundreds more.

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