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A biography refers to the descriptive account of someone else’s life usually published as a book or depicted as cinema. A biography involves a detailed account of a person’s life and includes anecdotes, interviews, illustrations and other interesting information that would authenticate and also throw light on the different aspects of the person’s life. It usually belongs to the genre of non-fiction and is a true life story depicting real incidents. The tradition of writing biographies finds its origin in the Greek civilization and dates back to thousands of years. With technology presenting literature in a new form, biographies are now available online and also as CD-ROMs. Biographies are a learning experience and one can learn from the life and experiences of great and famous personalities. Writing biographies require an enormous amount of research into the life of the subject and an understanding of issues from the other person’s perspective. A good knowledge of the language and understanding of the person are important pre-requisites of a good biography.

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  • World of Biography : Providing wide range of comprehensive information about famous inspirational person’s life online.

  • DNZB : Providing wide range of information on biographies of New Zealanders who have made their mark on New Zealand.

  • Famous People Biography Guide : Site providing biography information of Albert Einstein, Prince Harry, Michael Jordan, Barack obama, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, JK Rolling and other famous personalities.

  • ADB Online : Featuring concise, informative and fascinating descriptions of Australian men and women from all walks of life.

  • Famous People : Online biographical reference of both celebrities and high achievers in all fields of human endeavor as well as people who have touch the lives of others.

  • Basic Famous People : Online biographical reference contains thousands of biographies and profiles with birthdays and quotes of famous people and celebrities.

  • Incredible People : Provides online biography information of famous artists, scientists, celebrities, film stars and football players.

  • Famous People : Features hundreds of biographies of famous artists, scientists, celebrities, film stars and football players.

  • Biography Online : Providing a wide collection of online biographies about inspirational and influential people.

  • : Biographical dictionary providing information on notable people from ancient times to the present day.

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