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Chats refer to the instant messaging service made popular by the internet. Bringing the world closer is the text based one to one chat using instant messengers. It is an informal conversation which has become extremely popular and has come to be the chosen mode of communication online these days. An effective tool of communication chats have made it quick and simple to reach out to another person online. Forums to put it simply are an online discussion place. The earlier bulletin boards have now undergone a makeover and have assumed the form of the online forums. Most forums require that people register to be a part of it. Once they have registered they can start contributing to the discussions and also start new discussions. Forums are generally theme based, they are subject specific so as to be able to bring together a group of people interested in a particular subject or topic.

Site Listings
  • Any Webcam : Online community web site where people, using web cameras can interact in real-time with live video text chat.

  • 99 Chats : Offers chat services free of cost. Also helps in adding chat rooms to websites, blogs and social networks.

  • Montada Aihaga : Discussion forum about many subjects related to the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Bleeping Computer : Web based community and discussion forum for answering wide range of computer Help, security and technical questions asked by novice computer user.

  • : Forum to discuss anything related to ASP.NET ajax extensions, dynamic data controls, silverlight controls for ASP.NET, ASP.NET dynamic language support, and more.

  • Computer Forum : Forum to discuss wide aspects of computer related hardware and software questions and answers.

  • Physics Forums : Online discussion forum for professionals and students to discuss serious issues and topics regarding physics in theory, practice, study and reality.

  • Mommy Chats : A live chat site helps moms to connect, develop mom-to-mom friendships and support.

  • Ultimate Chat Zone : Offers variety of free chat rooms including video chat, kids chat, music chat, voice chat and more. Assists in connecting and meeting new people instantly without registration worldwide.

  • : Providing wide range of tips, news, articles and advice for running and promoting online forum.

  • DAL : Featuring wide range of computing tips, articles, forums, advice and more for both novice and computer users.

  • Seniors Only Club Forum : An online discussion forum for Seniors created by seniors. Both senior citizens and baby boomers are encouraged to participate. Membership is free, but registration is required for participation.

  • SC Forum : Portal where members, users and people can share their experience and knowledge, also includes PC help center with the latest security news, alerts and downloads.

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