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The birth of the magical world of the internet can be traced back to the 1960s. The internet began as a military project funded by the United States Government to build faster and stable computer networks for better communication. Soon it caught the attention of the world and with several countries joining in to improve the experience, the internet came to be the treasure house of information and the link across the globe. The internet is a huge network of computers around the world that has been capable of making the globe closer together. With just the click of the mouse, the browser has enormous information at hand is able to reach out to just about anyone living in any part of the world. This network of copper wires, wi- fi connections and fibre optic cables has provided revolutionary products like the e-mail, search engines, chat, file sharing and transfer and has been able to make a huge impact in every area of human life. The 1990s has seen a great revolution with the internet coming to be an important part of our lives, with the reach of only expanding, the internet is going to assume a much larger role in the times to come.

Site Listings
  • Living Internet : Provides comprehensive information on internet, includes sections covering the history of the web, email, usenet and other topics.

  • : Comprehensive source for the latest news and information about information technology and the Internet.

  • Internet Guide : Based in UK, covers a wide variety of topics, such as html, email, search engines, security, viruses, browsers, newsgroups, chat programs, file sharing, FTP and much more.

  • Internet News : Providing wide range of updated information throughout the business day, covering IT issues and internet-related technologies for corporate managers and hi-tech professionals.

  • : Contains hundreds and thousands of definitions about computers, internet, technology and communication.

  • SnapHost : Provides anti-spam captcha protection for web forms, pre-designed online forms, file upload component, form-to-email script, website hosting and more.

  • World Wide Web Consortium : Develops interoperable technologies including specifications, guidelines, software, and tools to promote the internet's evolution.

  • Internet Vibes : Provides information on creative and useful web sites with rating system. Includes an online community and accepts articles.

  • QATestLab - Web Application Testing : Performs testing of different types of web based applications, including web service-oriented architecture such as social network systems, e-Commerce applications, information portals, b2b systems, different online services, search engines, etc.

  • : Database of independent reviews of companies and services, independent rating system based on users votes.

  • : Provides free SMS and messages for sending to dear and near ones to greet them. Includes birthday sms, love messages, good night and good morning sms greetings for friends and families.

  • - Free RSS Feed Generator : Provides free service that allows the creation and hosting of RSS news feeds for websites and digital signage software.

  • Birthday SMS : Website to find birthday greetings, messages, quotes, sayings, sms, wishes and more. Assists in making partner day special with birthday sms and messages.

  • Video Mummy : Internet video search engine, allowing users to search available major videosites from a single webpage.

  • SkyWay USA : America's high speed satellite internet service provider. Enjoy blazing fast email, download photos and music at DSL broadband speed.

  • OnGuard Online : Providing practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help on guard against internet fraud and protect personal information online.

  • Technology News : Provides latest technology news related to computers, internet, software, mobile, applications, communications, science and more. Includes articles, essays, and reviews.

  • Buy a URL : Buying a url online can be a challenge for beginners. There are alot of questions that could be asked about where, when, how much, etc. This site will answer all of those questions in detail. Learn about urls aka domain names and domain registrars.

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