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A blog or web log as the term suggests is a log maintained online. It is a kind of website that is a diary written by an individual or a group of individuals. It has come to be a means of communicating with the wide world. Updated regularly a blog may include text, audio clips, graphics and video clips. It is a personalized site and includes the version or perception of the blogger towards any particular topic of interest. Blogs belong to different niches from art, graphics, cookery, movies to photography, movies to name a few. Every entry made on the blog is known as a post and the posts generally occur in the order of date, the latest being right on top. Corporates too have today joined the bandwagon of bloggers to cash in on the reach that blogs have. Blogs have come to be the chosen medium today due to the wide coverage that they offer and the goodwill that they enjoy. Blogs have also come to be a means of making money online going by the popularity and traffic that they generate.

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  • French Property & Information : Online guidance on selling properties with real estate ranging from ruins to modern houses.

  • Blog Catalog : Premiere social blog directory on the internet, search, browse, rate and review thousands of blog sites.

  • Katherine Shelley Orr : Personal blog of writer and graphic illustrator Katherine Shelley Orr.

  • : Specialized in custom blog designs for wordpress, movable type, typepad, expression engine, e-commerce and more.

  • Blog Action Day : Resource for bloggers to write blog on one specific topic on a specified day of the year.

  • : Blog hosting for UK community to create wide range of blog or blogs.

  • : Browse by category or region thousands of editorially reviewed UK blogs and submit your own blog for free.

  • Live Journal : Social media platform where users can share common passions and interests with hundreds of communities built around popular interests, like entertainment, celebrity gossip, music, food, travel, fashion, parenting, pets and more.

  • Blog Hints : One of the best blog directories on the internet, where users can submit blog and rate the listed blogs.

  • Blogger : A free blog publishing tool from google for easily sharing informtion around the world. Helps in posting text, photos and video onto the personal or team blog.

  • : Helps in finding the blogs by category and topic or read daily blog roundups of some of the best blog content around the Web. Also helps everyone to create their own top 10 lists to share with the community.

  • : A free blogs managed by the developers of the wordpress software. Includes custom design templates, integrated statistics, automatic spam protection and more.

  • Italian Blogger & SEO Expert : The web portal of an Italian blogger, copywriter and SEO specialist specialized in communication and marketing. He has been writing for several high profile portals for years.

  • Lopol : Blog covering computing, technology, business and finance.

  • Mind Full of Emotions : Personal blog focused on dealing with anger, depression, anxiety and self esteem issues.

  • Trevor McClintock - Business Advice Blog : Read up to date business advice from experienced consultant & strategist, Trevor McClintock.

  • France Pub : Online resource to discover France including cruises, maps, entertainment, holidays and people.

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