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With technology taking over most fields, the medical profession too is no longer an exception. With technology making it more convenient and easy to document bills it has now become simpler for both the patient as well as the hospital. Initially the process of billing was done manually and was on paper, however, with specialized software available for the same it has become possible to bill it faster using the computer. Medical billing refers to the electronic data conversion of the expenses to the health provider. This is important so that the claim can be forwarded to the medical insurance company and the amount be paid to the hospital or medical practitioner. Several companies are operating in the field of medical billing and have simplified the entire task making it convenient and quick.

Site Listings
  • ABC Billing Solutions : Providing out patient medical billing services, including claims processing and collection services in Triangle and Piedmont areas of North Carolina.

  • AMBS INC : Established in 1990, offering healthcare providers an outsourced experienced billing staff dedicated solely to medical billing, cash flow success and understanding the ever moving target of healthcare insurance.

  • Xpressbillerz : Specialized in behavioral health billing services to private practice sectors.

  • West Shore Net : Providing medical billing and collections services to medical disciplines including, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, acupuncture and other surgery centers.

  • Back Office MD : Customer service oriented company providing medical and physician billing in Denver, Colorado area.

  • WCH Service Bureau : Professional company specialized in medical billing, software development, credentialing and oversight of day-to-day practice operations.

  • Ventec Group : Established in 1999 in Gilbert, Arizona, providing clients with quality and confidentiality medical administration and billing services.

  • Choice Medical Billing : Providing medical billing services ranging from electronic claims submission to full practice management.

  • 1Stop MD Office : Providing medical billing and coding for solo physicians and group practices, as well as assisting with other tasks required to set up new medical practice.

  • AE Billing Solutions : Specialized in medical billing and consulting services in orthopedics, spine and workmans compensation.

  • A1BS : Offering wide range of complete end-to-end medical billing solutions for physicians and healthcare entities.

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