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Finance is the science or study of how to manage money or funds. Money plays an important role in the life of every individual and nation, thus, making finance an integral part of our everyday lives. The field of finance engulfs within itself personal finance, public finance and business finance. From the man on the road to the finance minister of the country, each person is trying to find the best way to make maximum utilization of the available resources or funds. A highly specialized field it involves the study of a number of elements that makes the world go round. From micro level or individual issues like personal finance to macro level subjects like deficit financing, monetary policy and taxation all come within the folds of this vast subject. From the individual point of view efficient and effective management of funds to make the most of the money available is very important. Personal finance which includes banking, fixed deposits, housing and car finance all come to dictate the life of the common man. The study of finance or financial management being highly specialized requires specific skills sets and qualifications which is offered by a number of colleges, universities and financial institutions.

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Quotiva - Motor Fleet Insurance

Provides a list of tailored offers which helps to compare how much one can save on their motor fleet insurance. Aims to assist people in finding better insurance in less time through their network of specialist UK brokers.

  • Student Loan Companies - : Providing a list of companies that offer student loans including loan consolidation.

  • Bibby Financial Services : Based in UK, provides cash flow solutions for small and medium-sized firms.

  • Lloyds TSB Business : Supporting small businesses with a range of services including bank accounts, business cards and loans, as well as business insurance policies.

  • Kiplinger : Washington, D.C.-based publisher of business forecasts and personal finance advice, available in print, online, audio, video and software products.

  • IMB Building Society : Established in 1880, one of the largest building societies in Australia, provides better value banking with home, personal and car loans as well as savings accounts and term deposits at great rates.

  • Dundas & Wilson Finance Law : A client centric law firm specialising in finance law, government and public sector law.

  • Structured Settlement Experts : Offers individuals to cash out or sell their structured settlement, annuity payments or lottery winnings for cash.

  • UK Property Finance Ltd : A whole of market, fully FCA regulated, UK finance broker dealing in all manner of personal and commercial finance products from loans to mortgages.

  • Talk Money : Provides wide range of comprehensive wealth management and professional advice for enhancement, protection and preservation of wealth.

  • Sun Life : Provides a range of protection and wealth management products and services in Canada, US, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China and Bermuda.

  • : One of the largest alternative asset management firms, providing investment opportunities in directional and absolute return strategies across financial markets.

  • Loan Service Center : Providing nationwide comprehensive loan servicing, collection and management services for financial institutions, corporations, governmental agencies and other organizations.

  • : Since 1970, serving clients by providing comprehensive and innovative information processing services that are customized to company’s needs.

  • Company of Women, The : Financial service marketing company offering a broad array of insurance and financial services products.

  • Independent Investor : Financial spread betting, CFDs and share dealing guide for UK retail investors.

  • Cfd Trading Online : Providing useful tips and trading charts for those active in CFD trading. Contracts for difference are an alternative way to trade stocks without actually owning shares in a company.

  • Structured Settlement Experts : Offers individuals to cash out or sell their structured settlement, annuity payments or lottery winnings for cash.

  • Octet International Trade Finance : An Australian based enterprise offers international and domestic trade financing solution using a trade loan to facilitate a rapid exchange of funds between buyer and seller.

  • ICO List : Provides a list of past, current and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) organised on the internet. Browse the ICO listings to discover more in-depth details about them. The site also rates the technical, organisation and credibility part of all ICOs.

  • : Specializes in buying and selling ecurrencies through money booker, webmoney, egopay and neteller.

  • Structured Settlement Quotes - Sell Structured Settlement Payments : Assists in finding better offers from multiple companies for structured settlement, annuity payments, or lottery winnings.

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