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When a business grows and expands there arise several needs. With growth comes a greater requirement for infrastructure, equipment and other assets. Every business may not be in a position to buy all the assets that it requires. This is where the leasing services come into picture. A lease refers to an contract wherein the lessee is able to obtain the right to use the asset. This is allowed in return for some fixed payment that is made throughout the lease period. There are two parties to the contract namely the lessee and the lessor(one who gives the asset on lease). There are a number of companies providing leasing services thus, providing the much needed help to businesses especially start-ups. With more companies making an entry into the field of leasing services everything from computers, trucks to machinery is available on lease. The lease period may be either fixed or indefinite.

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  • Advantage Funding : Specialized in providing lease financing for automobiles, equipment and machinery.

  • AmeriLease Corp : Leasing company located at California, specializing in leasing and financing programs for both vendors and end users.

  • United Capital Business Lending : Offers fast, flexible, fixed-rate loans and leases for business acquisitions, expansions, equipment, remodeling and more.

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