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Insurance means risk coverage. In the day to life an individual or a business organization has to face many challenges and thus the risk. One cannot predict the future and so a calamity coming up may catch you totally unawares. Insurance caters for this very risk or calamity. The insured or the policy holder buys an insurance policy and thus, covers his risk for payment of a certain amount known as premium. The insurance company or the insurer is the one who agrees to compensate the insurer in case of loss or the happening of an untoward incident. Insurance is an important part of the financial sector of any country. Insurance policies are of different types depending on the risk. Insurance can be bought for one’s life, property, health or any unforeseen liability that may arise in the future. When the untoward incident for which the policy holder has been insured happens, then the insurer or the insurance company after careful investigation compensates the insured or the heir for the loss.

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Fleet Insurance - Utility Saving Expert

Providing Motor Fleet Insurance comparison for business owners who are looking to insure their car, van, hgv or taxi fleets.

  • : Provides online insurance quotes, calculators, and other financial tools. Assists in comparing rates from top insurance companies.

  • Insure & Go : Travel insurance company based in UK, provides insurance to backpackers, multi & single trips, long stay, adventure sports and more.

  • InsureandGo USA : Offering travel insurance that includes trip cancellation, emergency medical, medical assistance and trip interruption coverage for the US traveler.

  • Liberty Mutual : Based in United States, specialized in offering auto insurance, home insurance and life insurance.

  • DUI SR22 Insurance Quotes : Provides insurance quotes with low rates for high risk drivers throughout United States. Assists in comparing prices to find the best deal and save money.

  • Drink Driving Insurance : Provides insurance quotes for drivers with drink driving convictions and other motoring convictions. Assists to compare multiple quotes by filling out one form.

  • QuoteRack : Specialists in non-standard and high-risk insurance requirements for car, home, property and business cover.

  • Northern Counties Insurance : Provides insurance quotes for a number of industries including energy, travel, charity, motor trade, contractor, commercial and more.

  • Marine Agency Insurance : Trusted insurance agency since 1922 provides products and coverage for the business, personal, boat and yacht insurance. Also, provides insurance for barber shops, beauty salons, medispa, cosmetic tattoo shops and more.

  • Zuma Insurance : Insurance associates in California Offer a wide range of insurance products and coverage for auto repair industry, construction industry professionals, business owners to protect their businesses against claims, job-related injuries, health and safety risks, property damage and more.

  • Helpucover - Redundancy Insurance : UK based insurance provider for a range of redundancy insurance covers. Quotes and pricing plans online.

  • : Online site to find, compare and get the competitive GAP insurance quotes from a panel of specialist providers. Gap Insurance, or Guaranteed Asset Protection, is designed to cover the difference between what the car is worth and what you owe on the car when it is involved in an accident or stolen and ensure that the driver/owner is not left with financial burden.

  • : Provides comprehensive motorcycle insurance quotes from multiple bike insurers. By availing this free 60 second quotation service both motorcycle and person riding will be covered on the road in no time and assists to overcome the risk of driving uninsured.

  • Way to Russia Travel Guide : An online travel guide to Russia. Features tourist destinations, train ticket and hotel booking and much more travel related information.

  • Russian Directory : Web portal providing information on Russian history, languages, area, books, and videos.

  • Russia Channel : Russian travel guide to find hotels, reservations, tours, flights, maps, tours, popular destinations, one-of-a-kinds sights and attractions throughout Russia and its cities, towns, and regions.

  • Russia Pro Photo : Platform for Russian professional photographers and unions to present their works. Contains photo gallery of people, mountains, insects, and many more photo displays.

  • Ballet Companies : Resource directory for Russian classical ballet. Contains history, outstanding choreographers, ballet teachers, ballet dancers, musicians, ballet education, photo gallery.

  • Russia-Export-Import : Resource directory for Russian export-import trade activities. Includes opportunities, offers, statistics of the foreign trade operations, services, marketing and analysis, customs and many more.

  • Moscow Travellers Yellow Pages : Handbook for travelers and foreigners living, visiting and working in Russia. Includes information on airports, theater, maps, restaurant, shops, museums, magazines and more.

  • St Petersburg Business Guide : An online English-language travel directory providing glories of St. Petersburg in Russia. Contains a list of sightseeing places, hotels, transport service, shopping details, and other travel-related information.

  • Expatica : Resource guide for expats living in or moving to Russia. Provides information on visa and permits, housing, insurance and many more.

  • : Assists to find home insurance with the top home insurance providers in the country. Includes articles and tools to educate about homeowners insurance coverage.

  • Russian State University of Physical Education : A leading academic center trains highly qualified specialists for higher education in the field of physical education and sports. Includes theoretical and practical training. Contains university summary and branch details.

  • Moscow Aviation Institute : One of the worlds top university and research center provides higher education in aerospace engineering and technology. Presents information on courses, faculties, education exchange programs. Located in Moscow.

  • Edugain Overseas : Provides specialized services and assistance for foreign students to study in Ukraine and Russia. Site includes an overview of curriculum details, admission, fees and visa requirement information.

  • IICT : The institute located in Voronezh city trains high qualified specialists for core sectors such as nuclear power plant, bank, business, management, computer technologies, and psychology. Contains history, campus brief, brochure, and information on Russian academic system.

  • Study in Russia : Helps global students to get authentically detailed instructions on Russian study details. Includes programme, documents required to enroll, funding and many more.

  • Russian Village : Russian language learning center for students, business people, executives of multinational companies and diplomatic missions officials. Provides course calendar, contact and location details.

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