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Foreign exchange means the money or currency of another or a foreign country. Foreign exchange is an important requirement for both individuals who travel abroad or do business abroad and also for the Government. The Government needs to maintain a good foreign exchange reserve. There is a huge foreign exchange market where banks and other financial institutions regularly buy and sell different foreign currencies. Depending on the different factors the exchange rate of the currencies is determined. The foreign exchange market is in terms of volume the largest financial market in the world. With increasing foreign collaborations and the countries coming close together, the volumes traded in the foreign exchange market is fast growing. The Government or Central Bank of the country plays a very dominant role in the foreign exchange market and controls the money supply and the rates. Foreign exchange is extremely important when it comes to trading abroad, investments and also for individuals while traveling to foreign lands.

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  • MoneyTec : Social networking community for forex traders. Includes members contributed news, analysis, trade recommendations, forums, articles, videos and more.

  • : Provides comprehensive information on forex trading. Includes in-depth guides, quotes, charts and financial news.

  • Forex Cult : Portal dedicated to the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market. Includes real-time quotes, news, newsletters and interactive comments of people all over the world.

  • : Located in England, United States and Cananda, exclusively focusing on foreign exchange and transfer of international funds.

  • : World’s largest global non-bank wholesale foreign exchange supplier providing wide range of international payment services for commercial and personal customers.

  • : Founded in Canada in 1993, providing computer consulting and internet foreign exchange tools and services for corporate clients.

  • : Providing wide range of forecasts, analysis, research and trade recommendations on major currencies and Indian rupee.

  • Sahil Sagar : Leading money changers of the Noida, Delhi, authorised by RBI provides almost all facilities for forex, foreign exchange, currency changer, money changer, money exchange, international air ticketing and overseas travel insurance.

  • : Provides forex resource including news, analysis, tools, charts, articles, videos and more.

  • : Provides currency and foreign exchange rates to investors travelers and online businesses. Also includes free online analysis, research and tracking tools.

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