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Mortgages refer to transferring one’s interest in any property for the purpose of availing a loan. The property is mortgaged or submitted as a collateral or security for availing the money or loan. There are two parties in a mortgage – the borrower who mortgages his property and the lender to whom the property is mortgaged. The interest in the property is handed back to the borrower upon repayment of the loan amount. With the option of the mortgage, individuals and organizations enjoy a great amount of freedom and flexibility. They can go ahead and buy the asset with a mortgage and thus, not have to pay the entire amount on their own upfront. The lender is secured against the risk of non-repayment of the loan amount. The borrower must adhere to the conditions laid down or else he or she may end up loosing the asset mortgaged.

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  • Mortgage DD : Leading mortgage company in Turkey, providing appropriate mortgage solutions with the help of specialized credit portfolio managers.

  • Right Mortgage Advice : Offering impartial advice to consumers and businesses on all area's of personal finance and insurance throughout the country.

  • Mortgage Broker : Provides comprehensive information about mortgage broker including how an independent broker works, their fees and what services they can offer you.

  • Mortgage Deals - Barclays : Offers a range of fixed rate, offset, tracker and buy to let mortgages to assist in buying the properties. Includes helpful information on mortgages and tools like mortgage calculator.

  • : An online calculator that assists to calculate both interest-only and fully amortizing monthly mortgage payments.

  • Lending Tree : Offers mortgage refinance, home loans, home equity loan, auto loan, or other loan from a network of lenders who offers loans.

  • Home Loan Calculator - Mortgage Choice : Provides home loan calculators & mortgage calculators to find out the borrowing power. Mortgage Calculator assists in finding how much time and interest one can save.

  • Option1 Mortgages : Licensed mortgage agents located at Ontario, Canada, specializes in self employed and blemished or bad credit mortgages. Provides first, second and private mortgages for residential, commercial and rental properties.

  • Mortgage Processor : Offers a wide range of services including loan processor training classes, certification programs, loan processor jobs and more. Also includes a discussion forum amd download library.

  • Loan Processor University : Provides instructor-led mortgage loan processing training classes to students nationwide. Includes latest technology with comprehensive mortgage loan processing training and loan processor job placement resources.

  • Red Deer Mortgage Brokers : Provides mortgages for people in Red Deer, Ab. Services also include debt consolidation and refinancing. Offers in-office services as well as travel to the customer locations.

  • HELOC : Provides a guide for homeowners to determine if they should refinance their mortgage, take out a home equity loan or establish a line of credit to take advantage of their home equity.

  • Mortgage Loan : Provides one-stop shopping for consumers seeking knowledge and information to make the best home financing decisions for themselves and their families.

  • FICS : Provides financial institutions with reliable, efficient, economical and accurate loan processing and servicing software to the mortgage industry.

  • Mortgages Expo : Dedicated to provide with the most competitive mortgage loan rates programs in California, Florida, Texas, New York and other state in the US for refinance loans, bad credit mortgage loans and home equity loans.

  • Business Mortgages : Provides complete commercial mortgage service to both large and small business to develop and grow maximum potential.

  • Mortgage : Online collection of free calculation tools to help home buyers estimate their monthly payments.

  • California Mortgage Loan : Since 1998 company providing low rate mortgage quotes directly from mortgage lenders in Califonia.

  • Mortgage Calculators : Offers financial calculators which home buyers can use to figure their monthly loan payments.

  • ZFG Mortgage : Company established to originate FHA, USDA, conventional and non-conventional first and second mortgage loans.

  • Mortgage Supermart Singapore - MSS : One of the Singapore's leading mortgage broker providing expert loans brokerage solutions for HDB loans, private property home loans, commercial & industrial property finance, overseas mortgages for Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Malaysia & Singapore.

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