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Consulting refers to providing in a particular area of one’s specialization. With areas of work getting more and more specialized, the need for specialists to carry out the specific work is rising. However, not all companies may be able to afford the luxury of having all kind of specialists in-house itself. This need has given rise to a whole new class of experts known as consultants. The consultants are specialists or experts in their specific field and provide advice on issues in return for fees known as consultation fees. The company too would find it profitable economically and also save time if the work is outsourced to consultants. Consulting services are available in a number of fields. In the finance area, there are consultants who undertake work for the companies or for individuals thus, providing expert financial advice. Consultants are professionals who are generally self-employed, they may however, also come together and form a company that offers consulting services of varied kinds.

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  • Concierge Live : Ticket management services helping companies to manage tickets, suites and other hospitality assets.

  • Financial & Accounting Consultants : Professional business consulting and staffing firm specialized in finance, accounting, technology, tax and audit services.

  • : Leading global provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage and human capital consulting.

  • RMR Wealth Builders, Inc : Provides wealth management, and financial planning solutions for individuals and families, and different types of entities.

  • WYE River : Serves the needs of clients by providing financial advise, capital financing and investment advisory services to non-profit organizations, government and businesses.

  • Wealth Co : Providing wide range of personalized planning and advice that minimizes clients' financial concerns and their security.

  • Concord Financial Advisors : Banking and financial advisory firm serving public and private companies in United States.

  • SCF Group : UK based tax planning firm, specialising in providing tax efficient structures for investment or trading abroad.

  • WebFinance Consulting : A full-service consultancy specialized in online financial services sector. Offers a complete end-to-end solution for financial service companies looking to take advantage of the opportunities the internet creates.

  • Berkeley Finance & Consulting : Offers fund-raising, consulting and strategic alliance formation services. Helps organizations planning to transform/expand operations, increase effectiveness and revenues.

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