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Commodities refer to any good. It may be anything from an agricultural produce to one from the industrial sector. Commodities are traded in the market and there is a specific market like the stock exchange where commodities are bought and sold. This is known as the commodities market. The trading takes place here for primary or raw commodities and the commodities market is an integral part of the financial sector of any country. The price of the commodities is decided here as a function of their demand and supply. The volumes traded in the commodities market have seen a big surge in the recent years. The commodities market has a list of commodities that are and can be traded in the market. The trading is regulated by an authority which scrutinizes every transaction and ensures that fair trading practices are being followed.

Site Listings
  • Commodity Online : Provides global news and information on bullion, energy and agricultural commodities. Also includes trading tips, trends, analysis and market pulse on all commodities.

  • Optimus Trading Group : Provides online futures broker services and commodity trading as well as commodity and discount online broker and investing services.

  • United Futures Trading : Offers futures trading, daily research, option trading, and managed futures. Also includes educational information and free investor kits.

  • Ava FX : World’s leading on-line forex trading brokers, offering trading with fixed spreads without any commissions.

  • Futures Buzz : Futures and commodity trading providing investors online market commentary, news, quotes and fundamental research from leading analysts.

  • Trading Markets : Premier information site for stock trading, professional traders and active investors with timely commentaries and education online.

  • : Providing wide range of information for the Australian securities exchange including stock quotes, share prices, tools and resources as well as investment information.

  • BSX : Offering a wide range of listings and trading opportunities for international and domestic issuers of equity, debt, depository receipts and derivative warrants.

  • CFTC : Founded in 1974, an independent agency with the mandate to regulate commodity futures and option markets in the United States.

  • MCX India : Permanent recognition from Government of India facilitates online trading, clearing & settlement operations for futures market across Mumbai.

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