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Cash Flow refers to the flow of cash. The flow of cash may be either inwards or outwards. Knowing the cash flow of the organization is essential for any business to know the financial position. This is helpful both to know the past performance, the current position and also for making plans for the future. Keeping a good cash position or liquidity is important for any and every organization. The business must have the right balance between inflow and outflow to maintain a profitable position. The cash flow must be maintained accurately, this allows the business to make a comparison with the past performance and make suitable changes to let the organization improve its performance. Every business maintains a regular cash statement to ascertain the cash available, the liquidity position of the business and the expenses incurred by the company. The cash flow is prepared for an organization for a particular period. It may be for a few months or a year.

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  • Paycheck : Provides estimated paychecks and annual salaries based on an input hourly wage.

  • Best Note Quote : Oregon based company specialized in aquisition and trading of debt instruments nationwide.

  • Creative Finance : Purchase brokers and sells real estate contracts and cash flows such as private mortgages, land contracts, trust indentures, installment contracts, contracts for deed annuities and settlements nationally.

  • UC Funding : Specialized in business financial services for increasing working capital and cash flow.

  • : Primary focus in Oregon and Washington, offering a variety of competitive, innovative loan programs, specially designed to meet the needs of borrower.

  • : Business is to buy and sell notes of debt instruments such as mortgages, land contracts, deeds of trust and annuities.

  • Cash Flow Finance : Established in 1985, an independent Australian owned company specialized in providing finance solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

  • : Florida based corporation established in 1995, specialized in the purchase of cash flows such as owner financed real estate notes as well as lawsuit receivables and structured settlements.

  • JES Funding : Offering a wide range of cash flow solutions through receivables funding and financing services, medical equipment leasing, law suit financing and more.

  • Mortgage Buyers : Based in Louisiana, purchase residential and commercial real estate mortgage notes throughout United States.

  • : Provides funding to all types of small to medium-sized companies that work for large companies.

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