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Communications is one that been simplified a great deal with new age technology. The world of computers has added speed and quickened the process of communication. With several new additions one can communicate with anyone in any part of the world without having to step out of the home. The internet has brought in features like chat, email, providers offering services that allow the user from one computer to the other and of course the very popular social networking sites. Both formal and informal communications have now come to depend a great deal on computers. To the extent that communications without the use of computers is unimaginable. Computers have added a whole new dimension to communication equipment, speed and reach. The world is now so accessible and without any difficulty. With individuals, business organizations, government and other institutions preferring to use computers as their chosen mode of communication, the computers have brought the world closer together and provided a whole new platform for communication.

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  • : Experienced engineers developed products in the digital TV field, such as digital video broadcasting, analog and DVB T receivers, extra mini DVB T receivers, T-DMB, DAB, DAB-IP, CMMB and DVB T receivers, ATSC/QAM receivers, NTSC/FM/ATSC/QAM receivers and more.

  • M-Formation : Mobile device management software solutions help mobile operators and service providers remotely activate, configure, manage, control and secure devices on networks.

  • Radisys : Leading provider of embedded wireless infrastructure solutions for telecom, aerospace & defense and public safety applications.

  • : Provides information and communication technologies to build strategic communities and initiatives for the purpose of making meaningful contributions to equitable human development, participatory political processes and environmental sustainability.

  • Portal Computer & Communication Association : Provides resource on wireless modems and network management approaches for wireless and mobile computing.

  • B2b DVB : Manufacturer specialized in DVB T receivers, other products in the digital TV field, such as digital video broadcasting, analog and DVB T receivers, extra mini DVB T receivers, ISDB-T receivers for Brazil, ISDB-T receivers for Japan, DMB-T/H receivers and portable digital TV amplifier.

  • Networking Tutorials : Provides the useful & updated network tutorials, computer networking related information, study guides, router labs, networking diagrams, free networking utilities and more.

  • : Global managed network and security service provider, services includes MPLS and IP-based virtual private networks, security, application acceleration, remote access and WAN/LAN device monitoring and management.

  • : Company provides research, consulting and technological integration services to meet the needs of corporate, business, professional and private clients in the areas of data, satellite and long range HF communications.

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