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Arts and Entertainment as is native to a nation is only a celluloid filming of the constituent instincts which build a gene pool. People belonging to a land imbibe great many things from the prevalent climatic conditions and soil. Those, in fact, play a vital role in the character formation of the residents. No wonder inhabitants of a certain neighbourhood do exhibit certain characteristic features like preferences, choices or tastes which grossly binds them in a fraternity. An expression of these physical and behavioural traits takes up their form in their presentation of various forms of art and entertainment. Apart from the ingredients that are native to them there are others which are foreign, and they invariably have a take on them as would the opinionated populace of any civilised land. Their comprehension and interpretation is also unique to their country. The regard, knowledge and understanding of oneself and others are elements enjoyed and rendered by the world as pieces of art of that nation. Canada is a country of eminent personalities, who have achieved critical acclaims for their contribution in the field of arts and entertainment and have gained recognition worldwide.

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  • Bellones Music : Based in London, Ontario, offering online technical support at competitive price.

  • Borealis Records : Toronto based company supports traditional, blues, Celtic and contemporary singer and songwriters. Includes list of Borealis artists, live events and music downloads.

  • Canadian Actor : Official resource to find actors, models, directors, breaking news, and a discussion board.

  • CineFest : Annual festival of Canadian and world film organize, promote and assists annual festival of national and international films.

  • DeakonRoads : Manufactures and sells electric guitars of original design.

  • Heritage Park : Largest living historical village has tourist attraction, steam train, antique midway, catering facility rentals, school programming and much more.

  • Marine Land Canada : Offers marine exhibits, dolphin shows, and thrill rides. Includes contact details and pricing information.

  • : Offers individual, family and group fun indoor and outdoor high-tech entertainment arcade games.

  • Ron James : Comedian, actor and writer Ron James, from Nova Scotia, provides biography, awards, video, audio and live tour dates.

  • Shaw Media : Producer, distributor and broadcaster of entertainment programs in Canadian specialty television networks.

  • Showbiz Monkeys : Features entertainment news, Movie showtime list, contests, reviews and other movie information.

  • Upper Clements Parks : Family entertainment centre, featuring rides and attractions, entertainment, food, purchase passes online, contact details and more.

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