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The continent of North America occupies nearly 17% of the total land area on the globe. Being the third largest continent and the fourth most populous continent, the land has a huge treasure of resources at its disposal both material and in terms of people. The continent is bordered by huge water bodies like the Arctic Ocean, the Caribbean sea, North Atlantic ocean and the North Pacific Ocean. There are a number of islands that lie around the continent adding to its scenic beauty making it one of the really sought after tourist destinations in the world. Spanish, English and French are the languages spoken in the region.

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  • Bermuda Sun : Delivers latest Bermuda news, sports news, business news, politics news, entertainment news online.

  • Radio3 : Canadian broadcasting corporation featuring entertainment, animation, games, experiments, music, websites and other initiatives.

  • News AOL : Resource for news and analysis on the latest events in sports, politics, entertainment and weird news.

  • Breaking News : Focusing on the latest and breaking news on politics and current affairs in Canada and around the World.

  • National Law : Non profit research and educational institution dedicated to develop the legal infrastructure to build trade capacity and promote economic development in America.

  • Canada News Desk : Provides current Canadians politics, business and entertainment news as it happens.

  • Canada Standard : Online newspaper for Canada, presents breaking local news, top stories, business headlines and weather.

  • : Leading internet portal offering wide range of information on news, sports and entertainment.

  • Ivey Business Journal : Explores latest practice in business, covering innovation, leadership, corporate social responsibility and more.

  • NCC : Small and medium market radio broadcaster across Canada, reaching listeners through a variety of formats.

  • ASPCA : Founder, Henry Bergh, providing effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout United States.

  • Hotel Workers Rising : Workers across North America, standing together to rebuild the middle-class through the creation of more safe, family-sustaining jobs in the growing hospitality industry.

  • USMCOC : Leading binational business organization working to build mutually beneficial trade and investment relationships in America.

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