Top Career Options for the Mass Communication Students

Top Career Options for the Mass Communication Students

Mass Communication is a vast field where you can show many of your skills in an excellent manner. Here are some of the best career options that can be selected by the students in this field.

Magazine Journalist:

The journalists in a magazine go for research and delivers the reports and news articles in a professional manner. The successful publications come as a result by exploring the mind and showing interest for different places, culture, and people.

Broadcast Journalist:

The broadcast journalists present the news through the radio, the Internet or the television media. They require proper investigation and research so that they can present the news in an interesting manner to the public. Their goal must be to present the news in an attractive, yet a balanced manner.

Proof Reader/Copy Editor:

If you are good at checking the spelling and the grammar, proofreading can be one of your career options. As a copy editor, you should also check the tone and the style of the writing. You need to complete the entire checking process in a fast manner to make your text true, as well as accurate.

Newspaper Journalist:

The journalist of the newspaper may collect the stories either for the regional, local or the national newspapers. Your passion for the current affairs and the writing skills will help you to become successful in this field. You can also opt for the MA in communications, Mumbai to brush up your writing skills.

Information Officer: 

These officers are responsible for supplying, distributing and managing the information for the client or the organization. Depending on the information sources, the services can be provided both internally or externally.

Advertisement Copywriter:

Starting from writing slogans or text for ads to scripts for the TV or radio commercials, the advertisement copywriter performs all the activities. Along with the excellent skills in writing, you must be imaginative, as well as creative in nature.


The correspondents and the news reporters are responsible in accumulating information and to present them in front of the public. Any special event can be displayed by the news reporters by relaying them to the public in an interesting manner.

Market Researcher:

The market researchers play the role of accumulating and analyzing the information or the data, which is important to the clients. The information provided by the researchers help in taking social, economic and political decisions.

Photo Journalist: 

The visual reporters or the photo journalists are capable of clicking pictures at events and support the news. They must be ready to work in adverse conditions. Along with the technical factors of the photography, they must be creative enough to present ideal captions.

Besides the above-mentioned career options, the Mass Communication students can also become critics or cartoonists. The critical reviews may include subjects like music, literary works or the artistic pieces. The cartoonists can present the news in a humorous manner to the public. The pay scale in the Mass Communication sector is highly lucrative when you gather enough experience.

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