How to Plan Your Wedding on a Budget (The Ultimate List)

How to Plan Your Wedding on a Budget

A momentous occasion worth every memory, weddings are worth cherishing. The bride and groom, their entourage, and special guests come with anticipation for what lies ahead. Weddings are beautiful, but they can be beautiful without costing a small fortune. I came up with this thought before planning my wedding and can surely advice it to everyone else!

  1. Choose a Venue That Won’t Make Your Wallet Wail

Find a place that is naturally beautiful—perhaps, an inexpensive location that features eye-grabbing gardens verdant with life. You could also search for an indoor venue that is already decorated enough for a wedding. Wherever you decide to have your wedding, picking a place that can double as a spot for the ceremony and reception will save significant sums of money. A gorgeous house can work as the perfect wedding spot, as couples can use a house for both. With a house, out-of-town guests will also have somewhere to stay while in town.

  1. Find Ways to Cut Food Costs Before You Cut the Cake!

Consider having your wedding reception at a restaurant instead of a hall. Decorations and catering add up, and the costs for these expenses are less at a restaurant. If you have a relative or friend who owns that restaurant, your costs could be even lower.

For catered wedding menus, think quality over quantity. You don’t need 25 sides to go with one meat. Choose 1-2 protein items like chicken or pork, and have a few trusted cooks bring side dishes. The rule applies for alcohol too: if you want it for your wedding, choose a quality brand and limit the amount purchased.

Let’s not forget the ever-popular wedding cake. These cakes are often beautiful works of art, layers as sweet as love itself. However, the secret to saving money on a wedding cake is also sweet. To cut cake costs, have most of the cake made of cardboard with an edible layer at the top. Cake artists can cover the cardboard with a flawless icing design, allowing for culinary art at a cheaper price. And if a part-cardboard cake still isn’t enough, you might make three small cakes.

  1. Shop Smart for Dresses

Products made in China are cheaper, and wedding dresses are no exception. If you shop around on sites like eBay, you will find a great wedding dress deal. But be careful—additional costs like import taxes and shipping costs can add up quickly.

If imported items don’t suit your fancy and you would like a dress closer to home, check the sales racks first. Sometimes the perfect dress is the one on sale—you owe it to your wallet to at least try finding a wedding dress on sale.

  1. Negotiate Wisely When Shopping for Services

When requesting quotes, ask how much it costs to do a particular service. Period. If you ask, “How much does it cost to do wedding photos?” the answer will be more expensive than a question like “how much does it cost to shoot pictures 75 people?” for example. The contractors will inevitably find out their services are for a wedding, but that information is best left in the dark for initial negotiations.

Friends can help cut costs too by offering their talents for your wedding. Do you know some talented violinists or pianists who could play music for a lower price or even a wedding gift? Maybe your next-door neighbor is a photographer and will cut you a break. There is also a good idea to let all the guests be photographers using disposable wedding cameras or their smartphones. Prepare some funny props or think over some only to your couple related locations – there are a lot of ways to make your wedding photos unique without extra costs. Sometimes pride stops us from asking for help, but weddings are joyous occasions. People are generally happy to help for events like these.

  1. Make a Wedding Budget and Follow It

From food and table centerpieces to wedding dresses and decorations, the bride and groom have plenty to keep in mind. If they truly desire a dream wedding—one that doesn’t “break the bank”—budgeting is essential. Turn your wedding checklist into a budget list. If a certain cost is a bit more than you budgeted for, see if you can cut costs in other areas. If you spent more on centerpieces than planned, can you skip that extra wedding favor for the table? Keep your budget balanced, and your wedding will be a financial success as well as a heartfelt one.

  1. Create a Reasonable Guest List

Think of people who truly care about you and your spouse. Inviting kind acquaintances is tempting, but is the additional cost worth filling a venue? Skip the popularity test for your wedding and invite the right guests for the occasion. Your memories will ultimately mean more to you.

  1. Be Frugal When Purchasing Flowers

You don’t need to fill the entire venue with flowers—after all, other decorations will be there too! Try to limit the amount of flowers you purchase. Consider purchasing fake ones as well to cut costs. You don’t have to worry about them wilting from the weather on your wedding day. They can also be kept as souvenirs for guests to take with them.

If you’re crafty, you could also create a wedding flower arrangement all your own. This task may seem intimidating, but arrangements are easier to make when the amount of flowers is limited.

You will take many memories with you of your wedding day. The bride and groom typically do. By following a budget, you can take that memory with you too. Symbolically set the stage for a marriage that will not fall to financial woes.

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