The Essential Guide to Enriching Yourself through HR Policies

The Essential Guide to Enriching Yourself through HR Policies

If you have to relocate from one part of town to another, or even across state lines, it is comforting to know that with a little know-how, you can use the existing HR policies at your workplace to your advantage, not only to save money but also enrich yourself in the process. Sounds good, right? Well here is the breakdown on how you can achieve this, and what’s more, it’s all legit.

Here is the breakdown HR often has some policies that most employees never get to know about or if they do, the amount of information is either not clear or worse still not understood. In this article, we are going to explain to you how these policies, combined with some services in the market, can help you enrich yourself.

Relocation Allowance and Moving Expenses

Relocation allowance and moving expenses are the two key HR policies that are of interest here. These two words need some explaining and here is a compact explanation of the two. Relocation allowance is a reimbursement that you are eligible to receive from the HR department if you qualify, each HR department has its guidelines on this.

But, generally speaking, it is provided to individuals in senior managerial and professional positions. The purpose of this money is to offset the higher living costs at your new place of work. This pay will be added to your salary on a monthly basis, over a period of years, usually 4 years.

Whereas, the moving expenses, on the other hand, includes the reimbursement of all the reasonable costs incurred in moving your personal household goods and other personal effects to a new home. These expenses include the travel costs to your new work location and it extends to other eligible appointees of the employee’s household.

Save Money, Enrich Yourself

The bottom line is, there is money that you can legitimately claim while relocating to a new workstation and if you act smartly, you can save these monies, in the process enriching yourself. This is where the unique services offered by closetbox come in.

They offer you full storage of your valuables, a self-storage unit, at very pocket-friendly rates. The idea is beautiful in its simplicity. It releases you from the process of loading, hauling and moving your stuff to storage.

The Process

Here is a full breakdown of how the home storage unit service works in essence.

  • They will pick up your valuables from your doorstep for free.
  • Organize them accordingly using bar-coded labels, for ease of return.
  • You can track your stuff easily, through the internet.
  • Your valuables are stored in a climate controlled location .
  • You enjoy on-demand return; you can get your stuff delivered back to your house when you need it.


Flat Monthly Fee

Since this service is based on a simple flat monthly fee. Dependent on space and the items you are storing.  You stand to save a lot of money, from your relocation allowance and moving expenses pay off. You stand to make a healthy cut, since you will use these funds to pay up for the storage space offered by this service, saving the rest of the money for a rainy day.

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