Speak Carefully If You Want the Employment Lawyer to Take Your Case

Speak Carefully If You Want the Employment Lawyer to Take Your Case

You seem to be convinced that you have a fantastic case against your current employer and that you have done adequate research and identified a reputed employment lawyer who you think is the best one for your case. You get in touch with this attorney and he says he is not interested in your case. Then you try another one but the response is in the negative. You seem to be wondering what is going wrong every time.

It could be that you actually do not have a winning case or you must have said something wrong to put off the attorney. There aren’t too many good employment lawyers and the experienced ones are forever busy. They would be thrilled at the idea of taking up good cases but that simply does not necessarily mean that they would be sitting idle waiting for your call.

Here are some of the things that you should avoid saying if you want your employment lawyer to take up your case and not run away, instead.

This Case Must Be Easy Money:

Stay away from saying such a thing. Nothing comes easy. If this was so simple, why at all would you be seeking legal advice and professional assistance? Nothing seems to come easy in employment law. In reality, most employment plaintiffs tend to lose their cases. Your attorney would be putting in hard work for you. Sometimes a case is settled in phenomenal time, much earlier than expected. This must be the fruits of your lawyer’s dedication and hard work. Moreover, your attorney could be a reputed one who could convince your employers about the merit of your case. Never insult your lawyer.

I Would Settle the Case for a Million Dollars and Not a Penny Less:

Such statements would reveal to your attorney that you would be pretty unrealistic and difficult while settlement issues are discussed. In fact, mostly those plaintiffs who tend to refuse settlement offers are known to fail or lose at trial. The lawyer would prefer a client who would be following his advice if he recommends settlement. Browse through Gehres Employment Law for more information.

I Have Contacted and Interviewed Many Other Lawyers:

If you admit this in front of a lawyer you are trying to hire, the first question that would strike in his mind is that why exactly nobody took up your case as yet. That may also imply automatically that your case could be a turkey or maybe you are attempting to play the attorneys against each other. Your arrogance could really turn off the staff and the attorneys alike. Most lawyers would be asking their prospective clients to go ahead and consult the other lawyers as one of them could be a better choice.

My Previous Lawyer Tried Selling Me Out:

This is highly unlikely because if your attorney was working on a partial contingency or contingency, it would be in his best interest to achieve the best possible deal for you. It is possible that you have been pretty unrealistic about the actual merit of your case. If you had been making it difficult for one attorney, why would some other attorney want to take over your case?

I Completely Forgot We Had an Appointment:

This gives out a very wrong signal to the lawyer you are trying to hire. If you are not able to respect the lawyer’s schedule, then you better not hope that they would be interested in your case.

You must always seek the second opinion if you are not sure of your lawyer. If you have lost faith in your lawyer, get another one for your mental peace. Ensure that the issue has got nothing to do with you.

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