Six Factors to Consider Before Buying Stress Balls

Six Factors to Consider Before Buying Stress Balls

The number of individuals using stress balls is constantly on the rise. Every stress ball user buys one for a different unique purpose. This is because there are different stress balls meant for different people and different needs. This means that you cannot buy any stress ball blindly. You have to consider factors such as:

  1. The use

Just like every other item you purchase for your house or your office, you have to know what it will be used for. This is the same case with stress balls and you will find that the stress balls have different unique features, making them suitable for different uses.

The main uses of stress balls include physical therapy or rehabilitation, treatment and management of carpal tunnel syndrome, development of muscle memory, management and recovery from stroke, management of arthritis, improving blood circulation, building grip strength, enhancing finger strength, and management of stress.

Whichever the reason for buying a stress ball, ensure that you ask a medical practitioner or a physical therapist for advice on how to use it.

  1. Condition and age

Often children suffering from ADHD or autism require some form of distraction for them to concentrate. While this is normally difficult, a stress ball on a string makes things better for them since it draws their attention from other things happening around them. In this case, you will need to buy the soft stress ball since the hard ones may hurt their developing muscles.

Older people may also require the softballs while people undergoing physical therapy need to use soft to hard stress balls, gradually.

  1. Ease of use

Conventional stress balls are common, but they fall from the hand easily and they are also hard to maneuver. For convenience, flexibility, comfort, functionality, and for a ball that is secured in place, you should consider getting a stringy ball.

The stringy stress ball is tethered to a string and you might have to tether it to your palm or the wrist making it easy to use whenever and wherever.

  1. The design

Stress balls are available in generic and unique customized forms. The generic and regular spherical balls are often cheaper and can be used for any occasion or use. The customized ones are expensive and they are suitable for branding purposes in corporates. A unique design also takes a longer time to design because you will have to approve the design before the final batch is prepared.

  1. Types of exercises to be carried out

The stringy ball chosen depends on the type of exercise that one wishes to take part in. The balls are of different densities and the one chosen for hand, fingers, or the back will depend on the state of your body and the need for the exercise.

  1. Place of use

If you wish to exercise while walking the dog or walking around the office, then the stringy ball tethered to your hand will be the most appropriate. If you want to use the ball sitting on your desk, while throwing it up and down, the normal stress ball will be suitable.

In conclusion, buy a stress ball that will suit your needs while offering the highest level of convenience.

Author Bio:

Clarence Richards is a stress ball on a string designer. When not designing, you will find him teaching hockey to a local school. Check out his LinkedIn page for more details on stress ball designs.

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