7 Trendy Wedding Band Ideas for Men in 2017

7 Trendy Wedding Band Ideas for Men in 2017

Wedding bands for men have come a long way. Traditionally, and in the 20thCentury only women wore wedding bands and the only men allowed to wear rings were the wealthy men and kings. This has however changed and most men tying the knot exchange and wear wedding bands as a sign of the wedding union.

With modernity and such societal changes, men have a choice on what they can wear and fortunately, this diversity has made it possible for men to wear stylish and trendy wedding bands. Some of the trends in wedding band designs include:

  1. Personalized or Engraved Wedding Bands

Though this was a practice reserved for few in the past, it is becoming a norm currently. Men have their wedding bands engraved with personalized messages that express the love the couple has for each other or their promise to each other. Engraving makes the wedding bands unique and they, therefore stand out.

  1. Bold Textures

There has been an increase in the number of wedding band designers who add texture to the wedding band’s finish. Brushed wedding bands for men are on the rise and this adds to the desired masculine touch to wedding bands. You will also find polished wedding bands in the market. There has also been a big number of wedding bands with beveled edges.

  1. Use of Edgy Materials

Most of the newer wedding bands for men have been designed using edgy materials. Some of these materials include tungsten, ceramic, wood, or exotic fossilized bones. These bands are relatively expensive, but very unique and highly preferable by trendy and stylish men.

  1. Metal Variation

Rather than using one kind of metal to make wedding bands, jewelers are incorporating two types of metals together creating unique wedding bands that are highly valuable and stylish. There are many tungsten wedding bands with steel, titanium, or platinum additions to them making them unique and highly valued. You may take a look at Tungsten Rings.com for more on tungsten rings and their variations.

  1. Gemstones and Embellishments

Not all men shy from glitter and that extra sparkle on the finger. To add an edge and a little sophistication, men are getting more diamond studded wedding bands. Compared to diamond studded bands for women, men are known for the subtle versions of the diamonds and these often have less than full karat of diamonds.

  1. A Deeper Fascination for Dark Colors

There is a deeper shift towards darker metal colors in the wedding bands. There are more greys and blacks seen in the market and these colors are preferable because of their masculine touch. Tungsten, titanium, cobalt, and ceramic are on the increase because of their dark appeal.

  1. Inlays

2016 has reported a high number of wedding bands with unique inlays and this trend will most probably spill into 2017. The most common inlays are wood, carbon fiber, other metals, and fossilized bones from extinct and high-value animals.

In conclusion, these trends show how sophisticated the male species has become. It also shows a man’s unique style, personality, and individuality.

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