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River cruises refer to organized tour by river cruise ships using the inland waterway network. With cities having concentrated on the water network for their growth and development, the river cruises are a good way to a see a place and also enjoy spending hours on the serene waters in the lap of luxury. The river cruise ships are designed to provide all kinds of comforts to the passengers, in fact, there are many ultra luxurious ships that truly make it a memorable experience. River cruises have come to be very popular in recent times and thus, the companies organizing these tours have left no stones unturned to provide the best services and facilities to the passengers. With a number of ports and a lot of activities -both onboard as well as on the shore- planned it has come to be a great vacation idea.

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  • River Cruises : Providing the most comprehensive and interesting tour and cruise programs to major destinations of the world.

  • River Cruising : Operates from a large variety of popular tourist destinations in countries such as Australia, China, Egypt, Europe, Ukraine and Vietnam.

  • Viking River Cruises : World’s largest deluxe vessels built specifically for river travel to Russia, China, the Ukraine and Europe.

  • UNI World : Operates river cruises in Europe, Russia, Egypt and China. Provides information on special offers, fleet, destinations, trip planning and how to find travel agent.

  • Viking Rivers : Offering deluxe river cruising along the rivers of Europe, Russia and China to explore fascinating destinations up close and in comfort.

  • Go Barging : Providing all inclusive luxury hotel barges cruise of European countries, along canals, rivers, lakes, lagoons and lochs.

  • Barge Connection : Leading tour operator in United States, providing luxury barge vacations for individuals, groups and travel agents.

  • Enchanting River Cruises : Providing deluxe river cruising throughout Europe.

  • Destination Oceans : Specialized in Greek, Mediterranean and river cruises in Europe as well as Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

  • E River Cruise : Tour operator offering variety of cruises, including danube river cruises and other European river cruise options to choose from.

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