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Freighters are cargo vessels or ships that carry material or cargo from one place to the other. They may operate within the country or in international waters. Cargo vessels are responsible for carrying a major portion of the cargo in the world. These are specialized vessels that are built for the specific cargo or task at hand. The cargo carried by the freighters includes everything from food, furniture, machinery, oil to chemicals. The freighters or cargo vessels can be broadly classified into four types based on the cargo that they carry. They are the tankers, the general cargo vessels, multi-purpose freighters and dry bulk carriers. There are a number of companies that operate in the field of delivering cargo from one place to the other. Barges on the other hand, are flat-bottomed boats that are used for carrying cargo using the inland water network of the particular place. The barges are smaller and can carry a lower load as compared to freighters however, carrying cargo by barges is less expensive and thus, they prove to be a good choice for small distances. The barges may be self-propelled that is run on their own power or may be towed.

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  • Travl Tips : Northport agency offering personalized services in booking freighters, long and unusual cruises, specialty and small ship cruises.

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