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The martial art of wrestling is one that goes really long back in time. The martial art form has come to be a very popular sport. It is based on a number of techniques which involves fighting, throws, pins, joint locks and others to defeat the opponent. The sport requires a high level of physical fitness and is generally between two opponents at a given time. A wrestler is required to pay appropriate attention to his diet and physical fitness on order to perform his best. The idea here is to use the different techniques to have an upper hand against the opponent and to ultimately win. There are different styles that are in practice. The sport has a given set of rules and regulations that the participants must adhere to without fail. Wrestling has come to be a sport that is appreciated and accepted at an international level.

Site Listings
  • Wrestling INC : Resource for articles from top professional wrestling sites on net with the latest news from the WWE, TNA and rest of the wrestling world.

  • TNA Wrestling : Featuring hulk hogan, ric flair, AJ styles, kurt angle, rob van dam, jeff hardy, sting, jeff jarrett and other wrestling stars latest information.

  • Cal State Wrestling : Official site of cal state bakersfield wrestling team, providing news and information for parents, prospective students, fans and media.

  • Cornish Wrestling : Formed in 1923, to standardise the rules and to promote cornish wrestling throughout Cornwall and Worldwide.

  • Mat, The : Ultimate source to find international college, high school and youth wrestling results, schedules and education tools, as well as wrestling products and merchandise.

  • British Wrestling : Offering wrestling techniques, along with the latest news, information and background.

  • Wrestle Zone : Resource for all the latest news, rumors, results and spoilers about TNA and WWE stars.

  • IPW UK : Online international pro wrestling official site offering news headlines, wrestler profiles, events information, merchandise, ticket sales and much more.

  • Wrestling News World : Focusing on WWE and TNA wrestling news, rumors and spoilers, also includes blogs, forums, mailbag, results and much more.

  • IC Wrestling : Providing wrestling entertainment to US military and alliances all around the globe since 1986.

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