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Water Sports, the name says it all. Water sports are played in water and thus, require special gear for playing. These sports may be played either on an individual level or as a team. Water sports include swimming, diving and water polo. Sports like boating, kayaking, sailing, fishing, surfing also fit in the broad category of water sports. Water sports are played at both a competitive level and also for recreational purposes. Countries with a large enough coastline and facilities for water sports are also promoting it as a major tourist attraction. Water sports are extremely relaxing and refreshing and provide great therapeutic value too. A good form of exercise they help the individual keep fit and healthy in a fun way. Water sports are sports which require great skill and also care as water can otherwise prove to be an element of grave danger. Precautions and care must be taken by anyone indulging in water sports to ensure that it remains a fun activity throughout.

Site Listings
  • Swim Trainers : Providing online educational and motivational support to swimmers.

  • Masters Swimming Ontario : Designed specially to promote adult swimming through organised training programs for the recreational and competitive swimmer.

  • White Water Georgia : Providing opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to learn river paddling skills in a safe and structured environment with top professional whitewater instructors in Georgia.

  • Action Sports Maui : Utilize the latest developments in each sport to give our students every advantage in all levels of kiteboarding, surfing, windsurfing and Standup paddleboarding lessons, tours and adventures.

  • Aquaskier.com : Online directory serving the boating, waterskiing and wakeboarding community with news, articles and much more.

  • Hawaiian Water Sports : Located in Kailua on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, offering kiteboarding, windsurfing, surfing and kayaking lessons, tours, rentals, equipment and gift certificates.

  • Orlando Water Sports : Orlando's premier watersports complex, offering the best of wakeboarding, wakeskating and skiing.

  • Fish Nevis : Located in Nevis, West indies, offering deep sea fishing, snorkeling, diving, water taxi service and boat charters.

  • Zanzibar Watersports : Offering a range of marine activities including snorkelling, dhow cruises, kayaking, windsurfing, waterskiing and other marine activities.

  • Obrien.com : Leading provider of the finest water sports equipments like wakeboards, slalom skis, combo skis, gloves, vests bags and more.

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