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Legal information refers to information that is essential to be adhered to. Legal information may be provided through sign boards and other medium to make the common man aware of the legal requirements that he or she needs to follow. For instance, the traffic rules written on a sign board is legal information that has to be followed. The legal information may also be conveyed through any officer related to law enforcement. This is different from legal advice provided by a solicitor or any other legal authority for remuneration. The line distinguishing legal advice and legal information is very thin and thus, the distinction between the two needs to be understood very carefully.

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  • US Green Card Lottery - USA Diversity Lottery : USA green card lottery program helps non American citizens qualify for immigration to the United States. The diversity lottery or DV program produces and assigns 55000 immigrant visas on a yearly basis from the results of a lottery system, to people living in countries that have a low rate of immigration to the United States.

  • Got Trouble : One stop resource and directory designed exclusively for people facing wide range of serious legal and financial trouble.

  • : Nation's largest legal reform organization dedicated to handle legal affairs simply, affordably and equitably.

  • : Providing wide range of online legal solutions for family and business.

  • Legal Tech Center : Non profit organisation assists courts, government agencies, law firms, schools, judges, court reporters, legal technologists and other members of the legal professions.

  • Legal Law Help : Online legal research resource for clients seeking online legal help.

  • : Collects wide range of legal information from all available sources about India and publishes the same on the internet.

  • Your Legal Assist : Providing wide range of comprehensive legal support service information on a variety of areas.

  • Net Lawman : Established in 2000, providing comprehensive set of legal documents, forms and advice online throughout UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India.

  • BCLI : Source for public, law enforcement personnel and victim groups on workings of telemarketing and investment fraud.

  • Find Law : Providing legal information, lawyer profiles, cases, law schools and continuing legal education, with information for legal professionals, business, students and the public.

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