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Law is the one that maintains order in any society. The rules and regulations laid down by the law making bodies have to be adhered to by every individual. For a state of peace and a positive atmosphere to prevail it is important to have laws and also that the law enforcing bodies do their jobs well. Disputes too are also a common feature of any society. However, a society that has laws which would take care of the disputes and settle them in the best possible way, peace and calm would be restored inspite of problems of different kinds. The law lays down rules regarding the various issues and in case of any dispute too there is a prescribed course of action that is clearly written down. The case is decided in the law courts with lawyers representing the two parties and a judge making the ultimate decision on the basis of evidences.

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  • Media Law : A non-profit information clearing house organized by a number of media organizations to monitor developments and promote first amendment rights in the libel, privacy and related legal fields. Includes annotated bibliography of legal cases, scholarly papers, and articles concerning first amendment and intellectual property internet law issues.

  • Colorado Personal Injury Guide - Enjuris : Enjuris offers answers to all the questions related to filing the suit after an accident or injury. Read through our resources to get an idea of what you could be facing if you were to pursue a personal injury claim. Be sure to speak to our Colorado partner firm to inquire specifically about your case.

  • Indian Law : Providing legal assistance to Indian and Alaska Native nations who are working to protect lands, resources, human rights, environment and cultural heritage.

  • Buffalo Criminal Law Center : Provides state and federal legislatures in-depth analyses of criminal justice issues to encourage the development of long-term approaches to the problem of crime and punishment.

  • Nordin Sturino : Providing individual family and business law clients of Naperville, Illinois and surrounding communities with effective, responsible and prompt legal representation.

  • Legal Service India : Providing consultancy services throughout India provided by thousands of lawyers and law firms around the Country.

  • Texas Accidents & Injuries Guide - Enjuris : Provides Texas state info - Considering a personal injury claim? Car accidents, oil industry, pain & suffering, settlement value, etc.

  • Virtual Paralegal Pros : Offers industry-leading virtual paralegal services, including litigation support, back office management, labor, employment, bankruptcy services, and more.

  • : Provides comprehensive and useful legal resources to legal community in UK and Ireland.

  • : Updated comprehensive guide to British employment law, suitable for employers and employees as well as for lawyers and HR.

  • HRLRC : Human rights law resource centre promotes and protects human rights in Australia as well as delivering excellent results, through innovative use of resources and partnerships.

  • Legal Resource Centre : Non-profit company enhance the accessibility, legal knowledge and education to the people of Canada.

  • : Established in 1967, serving to strengthen, promote and honor self-sustaining American Indian and Alaska native communities through education, training and leadership. Also provides training and technical assistance to tribes, tribal organizations and tribal courts.

  • Accident Claim Expert : Leading UK accident claim expert, specialized in personal injury law.

  • World Law Direct : Offering articles for a wide assortment of legal matters, online legal advice, paid services, legal forms, free law forums, business legal help and much more.

  • Legal Resources Service : Directory of links related to legal resources, services and information for attorneys, lawyers and law firms.

  • Take Legal Advice : Founded in 2006, to bring transparency to legal market, and allowing consumers and businesses to make choices on which law firm to choose to handle legal needs.

  • : UK solicitors offering wide range of legal advice on all aspects of business, partnership and company law.

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