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Organization refers to a group of people who are bound together by some definite guidelines and come together for a common purpose. As regards the legal scenario there are several organizations that have been formed specifically to create and ensure enforcement of the law. The Government, police, military are all kinds of organizations that ensure legal enforcement. Of this, the Government also takes care of the important task of framing the law of the land. For any country to function smoothly a set of legal organizations that are efficient and function effectively is an absolute must.

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  • ALA Detroit : Providing support to professionals involved in the management of law firms, corporate legal departments and government legal agencies.

  • ALA Net : Mission is to promote and enhance the competence and professionalism of all members of legal management team.

  • Court Excellence : Non profit organization improves the administration of justice in local and federal courts and related agencies in Washington metropolitan area.

  • Appellate Court Clerks : Since 1973, national conference of appellate court serving state and federal courts clerks with educational programs and resources.

  • NALA : Providing wide range of continuing education and professional development programs to all paralegals.

  • National Paralegal : International organization offering benefits and services to legal assistants, law firms, corporate legal departments, independent paralegals, paralegal training schools and colleges.

  • ILSA : Non profit international law association of students and lawyers dedicated to the promotion of international law.

  • NALS of Atlanta : Professional organization since 1961, providing continuing legal education, networking, certification and leadership opportunites to members.

  • National Notary : Established in 1957, serving the professional and business needs of notaries throughout United States.

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