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Law libraries are the huge collections of law books. For law education the students need access to information so as to refer to the different laws and case studies. The information is also needed by those teaching law as well as practicing lawyers for reference. The law libraries are the source of information they turn to when in need of information or any data. The law libraries are libraries that have a huge collection of different types of books relating to law. With technology entering every field of our life, the area of law libraries is definitely not an exception. There are well-stocked law libraries online that cater to the needs of the legal community. With everything available at just a click, access to information is not an issue at all in the tech savvy world of today. This has facilitated law education and is extremely useful to the lawyers.

Site Listings
  • : Non-profit consortium of libraries devoted to provide economical access to a wide range of legal and law-related materials.

  • JC Law Lib : Online information on services offered, hours of operation also offers online request for book renewal and conference room reservation.

  • : University of Arkansas at Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law Library, providing a wide variety of practitioner-oriented materials.

  • Peace Palace Library : Located in Hague, serving tribunals with major collections of international and comparative law publications online.

  • Call ACBD : Providing information about the Canadian association of law libraries, including a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among members, and plays an active role in promoting access to legal information for all Canadians.

  • Clermont Law Library : Located in Batavia, Ohio, delivers legal resource materials to judiciary, elected officials, bar association members and general public.

  • : American Association of Law Library, founded in 1906, promotes the value of law libraries to legal and public communities and providing leadership in the field of legal information.

  • Public Law Library : Provides resource on public law libraries in California and other legal resources for the general public.

  • SDCLL : Provides access to legal information to San Diego county citizens. Includes branches in Vista, Chula Vista, and El Cajon.

  • Law Library of Congress : Nation's oldest federal cultural institution with millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts.

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