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Law enforcement refers to the execution or enforcement of law. For law and order to function smoothly in any land it typically requires a good and able set of law enforcement agencies. The police and the judicial system is generally equipped with the powers to ensure law enforcement. However, in certain cases the military and other forces may also be deployed to ensure the same. There are also a number of other agencies and organizations who work together to make sure that the system functions smoothly and that there is order prevalent. For any country or Government to function smoothly and its people to be happy an efficient law enforcement system is essential.

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  • Law Enforcement Jobs : Leading recruitment agency for police officers, federal agents, law enforcement and security professionals in United States.

  • Police Employment : Launched in 1997, online job information center for variety of careers in federal, state and local law enforcement.

  • Public Safety Testing : Providing reliable and cost-effective services to state and local governments to assist with the hiring and development of public safety personnel.

  • Security Jobs : Provides up-to-date information to readers based on comprehensive research and collection of current professional level security and loss prevention opportunities.

  • Cop Quest : One stop shop for a wide range of discounted law enforcement uniforms and equipments.

  • AFP : Law enforcement organisation providing a range of investigation and operational support, security risk management, security vetting and information services to assist public.

  • : Providing a safe and secure environment for staff and offenders in carrying out the mandates of legislative and judicial processes.

  • IAWP : Provides resources, networking and organization to promoting women in law enforcement, corrections and other criminal justice professions.

  • : Leading news and information source for police and law enforcement community.

  • ICE : Protecting national security, public safety and the integrity of U.S. borders by enforcing nation's customs and immigration laws.

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