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The law courts are the seat of justice. This is where the disputes are settled and the cases are heard out. With a laid down formal code of conduct, the law courts provide justice to people based on the evidences and the witnesses. The law courts are also categorized depending on a number of factors. The law courts are generally categorized based on the area that they cover. From the regional courts, high courts to the highest the Supreme Court. The cases generally proceed from a lower law court to a higher one. When one court has given a decision on a case and the party is not satisfied with the decision they have the right to appeal to a higher court. The law courts have lawyers representing and defending their respective clients. There is a judge who ultimately decides the case on the basis of the proceedings.

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  • : Presents an overview of the court including information for litigants and practitioners, filing forms, fees and cost plus court listings and hearings, judgment, legislation, information for students and library catalogues.

  • : Providing wide range of information about the role of the high court, court lists, the filing of documents, justices, library information and registry details.

  • World Courts : Providing information and research assistance in the area of international judicial organizations.

  • ScotCourts : Provides wide range of information relating to civil and criminal courts within Scotland, including court of session, high court of justiciary, sheriff courts, district courts and justice of the peace courts and other courts.

  • Supreme Court : Source for information about the supreme court cases, oral arguments, dockets, history, visiting information and much more.

  • US Courts : Provides wide range of basic information to debtors, creditors, court personnel and general public on different aspects of federal bankruptcy laws.

  • Indian Courts : Provides litigant centric dynamic information like judgments, causelists, case-status to supreme and high courts in India.

  • International Court of Justice : Attempt to resolve matters of international law disputed by state governments. Includes general information, World Court decisions, and other resources.

  • ACT Law Courts & Tribunals : A superior court of Australian Capital Territory. Includes both original and appellate jurisdiction and determines appeals from the magistrates court and ACT tribunals. Appeals from the Supreme Court lie to the ACT Court of Appeal.

  • Law Courts Center : Provides business support for the legal community in areas including chambers briefs preparation, legal printing & publishing, legal books & gifts, legal technologies, transcript preparation and more.

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