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If you have created an idea, a concept, a piece of writing with the use of your intellect then surely you have the right of ownership. The intellectual property rights let you protect your creation from being used by anybody else without permission. The right may be in the form of copyright, trademark or patent. With authors and other creative people creating a number of works it is the need of the hour to have a law that protects these beautiful creations from misuse or from someone else claiming a right over it. The Intellectual Property Rights however, vary from one place to the other. There are several disputes on a daily basis that are resolved under the Intellectual Property Rights. Intellectual Property is a concept recognized by the law that allows one to protect one’s creations. This act gives the creative persons a protection that is well-deserved.

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  • Patent Pending : Registered patent and trademark attorneys at American Patent and Trademark Law Center in San Diego, also specialized in patent, trademark, copyright and related business and government contract matters, such as licenses.

  • Bit Law : Provides an introduction to and an in-depth analysis of the intellectual property legal issues which govern the internet and the development of high technology products.

  • Embroidery Software Protection : Purpose of the embroidery software protection coalition is to promote a safe and legitimate embroidery design and software world. Also dedicated to the protection of embroidery software copyrights and the fight against software piracy.

  • WaterMark : Established in 1859, Australia's foremost providers of intellectual property services, assisting clients to protect and manage intellectual property with an emphasis on obtaining competitive advantage and sustainable market share.

  • A J Park : New Zealand’s leading intellectual property firm, established in 1891, provides advise on all aspects of intellectual property.

  • Adams Adams : Leading South African law firm specialized in intellectual property law and other specialised fields of commercial law.

  • EyePea Services : Intellectual property management service specialized in trademark search and registration, mainly focusing on providing services in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia.

  • Franklin Pierce Law Center : Provides resource on intellectural properties such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and more.

  • Intellectual Property Watch : Provides independent news, features and analysis on international intellectual property policymaking such as trade, health, digital rights, biodiversity and access to knowledge.

  • AIPLA : A national bar association of attorneys specializing in the practice of intellectual property law. Analyses of copyright, trademark and patent issues.

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