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Dispute resolution as the term indicates refers to resolving the disputes. Dispute resolution may take place in a court of law with an adjudicator deciding the case on the basis of the available evidence and witnesses. However, sometimes disputes may be resolved with just a person acting as a mediator bringing the two parties together to discuss the issue and look at issues in a new perspective. Dispute resolution between the two parties in an amicable manner is what is ideal in most situations. This would be a quick solution and also one that is mutually beneficial. Disputes are best resolved in a manner that is agreeable to both parties and without causing anyone any harm. Negotiations with a third party playing the mediator can have very good results most of the times. Dispute resolution has now found place in the online world as well with several agencies playing the role of the mediator and helping to settle matters amicably.

Site Listings
  • Adrr.com : Resources contains substantial on-line materials for alternative dispute resolution and mediation.

  • Campus-adr.org : Provides comprehensive collection of materials for planning, administrating and succeeding with a campus mediation center.

  • Mediate First : UK’s leading dispute resolution service providing effective solutions for people struggling with workplace, partnership and health-related disputes.

  • IDRS : UK's leading dispute resolution providers, providing wide range of independent solutions for civil and commercial disputes of any kind.

  • DAC : International commercial law firm with offices in London, Madrid, Manchester and Mexico City, specialized in dispute resolution and real estate.

  • TCM Group, The : Leading provider of mediation and alternative dispute resolution services to organisations and businesses across UK and Europe.

  • India Property Dispute : Provides specialized services pertaining to litigation, alternate dispute resolution, landlord and tenant representation services, real estate transaction services, legal agreements, legal advice and much more.

  • Dispute Resolution - British Columbia : Provides information about alternative dispute resolution options in British Columbia.

  • Austin DRC : Dispute Resolution Center of Austin,TX offers mediation training, customized mediation training, facilitation services and community education programs designed to educate individuals, businesses and communities with the skills necessary to effectively mediate and resolve conflicts.

  • CEDR : A non-profit organisation based in UK, provides alternative dispute resolution services, including business and international disputes with a public mission and supported by multinational business, law firms and public sector organisations.

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