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Charity is a benevolent act of giving to the needy. Giving or helping the poor may be in terms of providing goods or extending services. The receiver of the benefit is in no way related to the giver. Charity is an act of kindness that can help in the upliftment of the poor and in enabling to make their life better in some way or the other. Charity is an activity that can be undertaken either directly or through a charitable institution. There are several charitable institutions working to help the poor and the underprivileged sections of the society. The rich and affluent in the society who can make a difference too have taken up charity as a social work and have been working towards making a difference. Charity is also a religious act and as part of religion too helping the poorer sections of the society with food, clothing, money and anything that could be of help is considered to be a good act.

Site Listings
  • FirstGiving : An online resource for nonprofit organizations and individuals looking to raise money for noble causes within society. Includes a group of online tools that can help generate return on a charitable event.

  • Plan India : Help underprivileged children or sponsor a child in India with children charity organizations.

  • WCMA USA : Organization where philanthropists, donors and volunteers can help eradicate poverty among fellow Christian children and families around the world by building churches, orphanages, schools, co-operatives and more.

  • Charity Navigator : Largest independent charity evaluator, provides wide range of financial evaluations of America's charities.

  • Cancer Research UK : World's leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research, also provides information about cancer, research, how to donate and more ways to support.

  • Charity Choice : Since 1998, UK's premier guide to charities allowing users worldwide to access the charity choice database online.

  • : Enable students who live in remote areas to attend school by providing financial assistance in outback New South Wales.

  • Children of Peace : UK based, multi faith and moderate charity works with both Israeli and Palestinian children to build positive relationships for future generation.

  • KidsOut : UK's charity dedicated to bring fun and happiness into the lives of disadvantaged and disabled children.

  • Action for Children : Children's charity that supports UK's most neglected disabled children and young people.

  • Hope Seeds : Christian charitable organization, providing seeds and agricultural support to missionaries and mission teams.

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