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Home Theater is a device that is built in a home to give the effect and feeling of a commercial theater. There are many companies that manufacture home theater, some of which are Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, Bose, LG, Philips, etc. Therefore, consumers can purchase a home theater of any of these companies. Since there is a strong competition in the market, each company constantly strives to update and develop their products. Thus, the quality of products available is quite good. A home theater allows people to experience the feeling of a cinema hall in their homes with the size of the display screen and the music system. The audio system of a home theater is very powerful and thus, it good feeling while watching a movie. Home theaters are very popular among the consumer electronics and, more and more people are purchasing it so that they can have a theater in their homes itself.

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  • Bose - Home Theatre System : Founded by Dr. Amar Bose in 1964 offers an array of home cinema products and speaker accessories. Features company history, products, technical brief, and prices.

  • JBL - Home Theater Speakers : Offers home theater speakers, soundbar and other related products for home entertainment systems.

  • Home Theatre Systems : A family-owned company founded by Bill Crutchfield in 1974 in Virginia, Offers top trends home theatre systems such as video sources, receivers, speakers and much more.

  • The Master Switch : Offers easy-to-read buyer’s guides, reviews, and articles for a wide range of consumer electronics products such as home theater, speakers, common home theater problems and more.

  • Home Theatre Systems - Croma : A TATA enterpise offers widest range of home theatre systems and accessories across flagship Croma stores in India on three selling channels.

  • Clarity Alliance : Professional association represents companies retailing, manufacturing, distributing and writing about hi-fi and home cinema in UK. Features membership details and benefits.

  • Htmarket.com : Offers a wide range of products and accessories for home theaters worldwide. Products include furniture, bar stools, television stands, seating, audio racks, DVD storage and more.

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