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Flashlights are portable devices that give light. A basic flashlight consists of a bulb, a lens to protect the bulb, a battery to provide it with power and a switch. One can find different types of flashlights in the market. While some are bigger in size, one can also find flashlights of small sizes as well. Depending on the use which a person a might have, he or she can purchase the flashlight of his or her choice. Now-a-days, flashlights are also available in cell phones. Many cell phone manufacturers add a flashlight in the phones in order to add more features to it. These flashlights are tiny, but they provide adequate amount of light. It is a useful device and is purchased by many individuals and families. The beam of light allows a person to see in darkness and, its flexibility makes it easy to use. It is easy to carry and one does not need to depend on an outer source to power it up. These are some of the qualities due to which flashlights are very popular and one of the most sought after consumer electronics.

Site Listings
  • Quantum : Designs and manufactures products for professional photographers including the flash and trio strobes, and wireless controls for simple triggering and much more.

  • Fenix : Lighting company based in Shenzhen, China. Offers an array off flashlights, headlamps, lanterns and bike lights for every lighting demand.

  • Sure Fire : Manufacturer of powerful, compact, rugged and reliable flashlights to produce optimal beams with no dark holes, rings, hot spots, or shadows.

  • LumiQuest : Offers speed light soft boxes, flash diff user, and bounce devices to assist the basic principles of light to make photos better every time.

  • Popular Photography : Features simple lighting tips and techniques for better flash photography.

  • ThorFire : Specialized in developing, manufacturing and vending superior aluminum-alloy LED torch lights, flash lights, and many more products with all-weather adaptability design widely used in household, outdoor adventure, emergencies, camping and hiking and rescue.

  • Stuccu : Online shopping site to buy branded and quality flash lights at low prices.

  • Tactical Flashlight : Resource for tactical flashlights and forever flashlights. Learn about what makes a tac light different than a standard one.

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