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The term “Photography” was first used in 1839 by Sir John F.W. Herschel. Photography is not possible without cameras. The first camera and the birth of photography was a gift of the inventor Louis Daguerre, who named the invention as Daguerreotype, after his own name. Since then cameras have undergone many changes and so has the art of photography. There are many companies that manufacture cameras. Some of them are Fuji, Kodak, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, etc. Now-a-days, most people prefer to use digital cameras as they are very user friendly. They have made photography very easy and creative. As a profession, photography has gained a lot of popularity and, more and more people are interested to explore this field. There are many cameras available in the market which is specifically designed for the purpose of professional photography. Therefore, camera and photography go hand-in-hand and each is incomplete without the other.

Site Listings
  • Adorama : An online store, offering new and used photographic equipment including digital cameras, lenses, electronics accessories and darkroom supplies. Features newsletters, videos and company resources.

  • Berger Bros : Specialized in film and digital cameras, lenses, binoculars and digital accessories. Site features video tutorials, testimonials, blog and organization informative data.

  • BC Camera : An online retailer of digital cameras, lenses, flashes, bags, accessories and video equipment across British Columbia.

  • Calumet Photo : Online supplier of photographic products such as digital cameras, lenses, printers, studio and photo gear.

  • E.P.Levine : An online retailer store for new and used photographic camera equipment. Including digital imaging, printers, binoculars, lenses and darkroom accessories. Authorized dealer for Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Mamiya, Hasselblad, and much more.

  • Foto Club : Dealer of photographic and advanced imaging items including photograph printers, occasion software, photograph booth and printer supplies. Located in California, USA.

  • Dents Photo : Located in Chesterfield, UK, offers a wide range of cameras, binoculars, astronomical telescopes, tripods, bags and backpacks. Features latest photography news. Serving since 1905.

  • DVD Technik : Specializes in selling cameras, lenses, connectors and accessories for professionals and normal users. Features photo gallery and user manuals.

  • Central Camera : A family owned organization located in Chicago, Illinois, offering photographic equipment including digital cameras, film cameras, tripods and other accessories. Serving since 1899.

  • Dale Photographic : Supplier of photographic equipment such as digital cameras, lenses, printers, binoculars, scopes, flashes and accessories. Serving since 1984.

  • Dan's Camera : A family owned photography store serving since 1977. Offers photo services, camera equipment and accessories. Also offers photograph classes and outings.

  • Camera House : An independent photographic retailer in Australia, offering digital cameras and accessories since 1983. Also includes printers, scanners, telescopes and binoculars.

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