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Music players are one of the most commonly purchased consumer electronics. There are many companies that manufacture music players such as Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Philips, JBL, LG, etc. People can purchase the audio system of their choice from the wide range of music systems available in the market. One of the first devices to play music was the gramophone. However, there have been many new inventions and developments in music players and audio systems over the years. Now-a-days, most music systems use CDs, DVDs or an external hard drive where music is stored. Apart from music systems, the effect of audio is also felt in home theaters and television. The audio systems are designed in such a way that they can give the user various sound effects. People can sit in their homes and get the feeling of attending a concert or a rock show. Therefore, the competition among the companies have risen since people are buying audio systems with maximum quality and sound effects.

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  • TeamLuco : Supplier of sound systems and audio related components for public address and disco use in southern Africa. Products includes amplifiers, data cables connectors, microphones, PA systems and more.

  • Soundlabs Group : Based in Australia, specializes in selling sound parts and electronic gears including home speakers, electronic / audio components, car audio, DIY, professional audio (PA), industrial, commercial and home audio.

  • AV Now : Offers fitness sound systems & aquatic exercise instruction products across USA and the world. Features site search, company details, products information and assistance.

  • RK Cable : Specializes in offering shielded power cables and power filters of different brands for audio and audio visual equipments.

  • Vintage Electronics : Located in Lake George, Colorado, offering sales and repair services for classic stereo equipments. Including tape decks, receivers, reel to reels, Amps, VCRs and CD players.

  • VFM Audio : Manufacturer and seller of audio visual equipments and accessories including home theater speakers, car audio equipment and accessories.

  • Tweek Geek : Online retailer of audiophile equipments, speakers, tweaks and audio cables since 2003. Features newsletters, brands, site search and company information library.

  • Thoraudio : Maker of high-end music playback systems in USA.

  • DigiZoid : Maker of audio products and technologies for portable audio systems. Website features products, company overview, dealers details, press news and support library.

  • Technical Care Center : Secured in 1990, offering Arabic-English talking electronic dictionaries, digital qurans, video games and advanced voice recorders. Website includes enquiry form, newsletters, testimonials and technical support details.

  • Lucid Audio - Bluetooth Amplification Headphones : Offers advanced sound amplification devices including wireless headphones, neckbands, PSAPs and more for an enhanced audio experience.

  • NuSound Live Event Product : Nu Sound Live Events has everything that is required for the live event. From audio to video, staging, lighting, and more. We have you covered.

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