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  • Antarctic Circle : Resource provides information on literary, bibliographical, artistic and cultural aspects of Antarctica and South Polar regions.

  • Australian Antarctic Division : Resource includes news, research data and educational materials.

  • Antarctic Shop, The : Offers online a wide range of unique and exclusive Antarctic-themed merchandise, souvenirs and educational resources.

  • IAATO : Tour Operator specialized in promoting safe travel to Antarctic.

  • Iceberg : Located across from christchurch international airport, provides visitors of all ages with fun and exciting experience of Antarctica.

  • BT Internet : Provides brief information and description about south polar region's location.

  • : World's leading environmental research centre for scientific activities of Antarctica.

  • Australia's Antarctic Division : Providing a range of data management and spatial data services to Australia's Antarctic programme.

  • Antarctic Sun : Provides news about Antarctica events and brief information on scientific research.

  • Classroom Antarctica : Comprehensive online teaching resource and other classroom related materials for students.

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