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Polar regions characterized by their extreme cold climate is also known as the frigid zone. Located near the poles, this region is known to experience extreme cold weather due to a combination of factors like distance from the equator, slanting rays of the sun reaching the region and that too spread across a large area, reflected sun’s heat due to the huge ice deposits. The polar regions are covered with ice and thus the flora and fauna in the region too are different from the other parts of the world. Polar region witnesses significant variations in the daylight hours too, this is evident from the long daylight hours of approximately 24 hours during summer and no daylight at all during winters. The polar regions due to the extreme weather conditions and snow and ice are different in every way from the other regions of the world.

Site Listings
  • Freeze Frame : Collection of historic polar images from Arctic and Antarctic polar expeditions, from nineteenth century onwards, with detailed catalogue entries for each image.

  • Polar Circle, The : Photographers specialised in polar images, history, technology, industry, science, wildlife, landscape and the people.

  • Glacier Society : Dedicated to the restoration and operation of Icebreaker Glacier in honor of all who have explored the polar regions of the world.

  • Aspen Ridge : Providng information and pictures on the use of US Navy Destroyer Escorts between 1957 and 1968.

  • Polar.se : Governmental organisation promotes Swedish polar research by planning, organising and conducting research expeditions to Arctic and Antarctic regions.

  • Sintef : Largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia, supports the development of overseas companies through research and development activity.

  • Antarctic Connection : Providing accurate and extensive news, weather information from and about frozen continent.

  • Antarctic Circle : Providing wide range of information on historical, literary, bibliographical, artistic and cultural aspects of Antarctica and South Polar regions.

  • Expedition Trips : Offering exciting adventure travel and cruises on small-ship expeditions to Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, Alaska, Baja and much more.

  • Polar Cruises : Specialized in offering wide range of polar travel options, itineraries, dates and prices to Antarctica travel and Arctic cruises, since 1996.

  • Quark Expeditions : Offering adventure cruises to North Pole, Arctic and Antarctic on board ice-breakers and ice strengthened vessels.

  • Victory Cruises : Providng information on Southern Chile culture, history, fauna, flora, anthropology, geography, archaeology, Chile facts, cruising and sailing.

  • Ice Berg : International Antarctic centre, providing visitors of all ages with interactive, fun and exciting experience of Antarctica.

  • Iaato.org : Founded in 1991, promotes safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to Antarctic.

  • Explore North : Complete resource for information about circumpolar North, from Alaska to Greenland and Siberia, along with articles and photos.

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