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  • Nation Master - Tokelau : Resource for various informationa nd aspects of the country.

  • Jane : Provides detailed information about Tokelau islands history, geography, lifestyle, culture and more.

  • : Tourism, travel and information guide to New Zealand territory of Tokelau.

  • Lonely Planet - Tokelau : Resource providing complete information on history, culture, maps, transportation and weather of Tokelau.

  • Devdir - Tokelau : Resource guide to development organizations, private sector development agencies, banks and development consulting firms.

  • : Located about 483 km north of Samoa, contains information on countries people, its economy and industries.

  • Wikipedia - Tokelau : Contains country's history, politics, education, economy, language and culture of Tokelau.

  • CIA - Tokelau : Provides details of Tokelau's geography, its people, government, economy, transportation and lots more.

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