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Kuwait or the State of Kuwait is a supremely rich and highly developed Arab nation that is located in Western Asia. The country shares its borders with Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Kuwait city is the capital of the country. The nation is spread across an area of 17,820 sq kms. The population of the land is approximately 2.7 million. A constitutional monarchy, Kuwait has a parliamentary system when it comes to the Government. With immense oil reserves, the country is an immensely rich nation. It figures in the top five list of nations of the world having the largest oil reserves. Petroleum products are the base of the nation and form the majority of the income of the nation and also its exports. The official language of Kuwait is Arabic and the currency is the Kuwaiti Dinar. The Emir or the Sheikh is the Head of State. Kuwait is apread across 28 deg and 31 deg N latitudes and 46 deg and 49 deg E longitudes. The country is divided into 6 Governorates for administrative purposes. Islam is the predominant religion of the country.

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