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Ukraine is a country situated in the eastern part of the continent of Europe. The country shares its boundaries with the Russian Federation, Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova and Romania. It is located between 44 and 53 deg N latitudes and 22 and 41 deg E longitudes. It is spread over an area of 603,628 square kilometers. Ukraine is a popular tourist destination and plays host to a huge number of tourists throughout the year. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. A unitary semi-presidential republic, the country is divided into 24 different oblasts and one autonomous republic. Hryvnia is the official currency of the land.

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  • Kiev : Offering the most comprehensive information about online hotel reservations, museums, theatres, shopping, tours and other acivities.

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  • Ukraine Mission : Provides information about the past and present work of church in Kremenchuk, Ukraine.

  • Odessa : Official website of Ukraine, offers information and guide about the city municipalities.

  • UA Zone : Provides reliable information about travel, history, culture, photo gallery of Kiev, Lviv and other Ukraininan cities.

  • Art Ukraine : Designed to introduce the advancement of Ukrainian arts, paintings, culture, history, heritage, jewelry and music to English-speaking audience.

  • Nexia DK : Established in 2001, holds leading positions among companies in Ukrainian market of audit and consulting.

  • Glavbuh Audit : Headquarters in London, providing audit, audit review, accounting outsourcing, legal services at reasonable price.

  • : Features financial and banking information. Includes currency rates, stock quotes, credit rates and economic news.

  • Kiev Service : Travel agency specialized in providing unforgettable travel services for tourists visitng Ukraine.

  • Kiev Ukraine : Featuring a range of information on accommodation, travel, entertainment, dining, shopping, business and more.

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